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16 October 2014

What is the culture shock and how to deal with it?

Did you just move to a new country and you're experiencing all sorts of fluctuating emotions regarding your new living environment?
You needn't worry, GEYC knows what you have. 
It's called culture shock and these are just a few general information to help you in the adjustment process.

23 June 2019

Let's get it started / Să începem: RGB Balkan Arts Festival “Balkan Portraits: Post-Modern Roots”

EN: GEYC is proudly supporting RGB Balkan Arts Festival, the new institution concerned in mapping the contemporary artistic topography of Balkan region. The aim of the Festival is to create a network of artists and art institutions promoting creative dialogue and extroversion, as well as to investigate and archive the emerging developments in contemporary Balkan arts. 

RO: GEYC este bucuroasă să sprijine Festivalul de Artă Balcanică RGB, o nouă instituție specializată în cartografierea creației artistice contemporane a regiunii balcanice. Scopul festivalului este de a articula o rețea de artiști și instituții de artă care să promoveze dialogul creativ și deschiderea, precum și să investigheze și să arhiveze evoluțiile specifice artelor contemporane balcanice.

26 December 2017

YE- "Diversity hurts?", Marrakesh, Morocco

This project give us the opportunity to have a great experience in a youth exchange which is held in Marrakesh, Morocco with 35 participants from 7 countries: Greece, Romania, Spain, Morocco, Poland, Tunisia and Sweden. 

14 September 2012

Call for parteners - youth exchange in Italy on the topic of arts and culture for social inclusion

Comune di Agropoli (applicant, Italy) and GEYC (partener, Romania) are looking for partners for a youth exchange held in Italy in May 2012.

01 October 2017

MIRAI Program: a new opportunity door for young people

GEYC arrives at Japan [between 4th-10th of October] through our collegue, Cristina-Elena BALACEANU, who will take part at MIRAI2017 Program, together with other 165 students from Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus. 

12 November 2017

Japanese Culture in a Nutshell

Konichi wa! This is the first greeting phrase everyone hears getting out of the plane and stepping on the outlandish land of Nippon koku. A month has passed since my Japanese experience has finished and yet, it feels as it happened yesterday. Every day was a travel in time, from the Ancient Japanese culture to the present and future one. Thus, in what follows, the story will focus on the most memorable things it happened each day, from my personal perspective.

07 October 2015

Cyprus is calling: 8 Romanians will join our (inter)cultural journey in 2016 [Erasmus+ youth exchange]

GEYC is selecting 8 Romanian participants, to take part in the "Youth in C.R.I.S.I.S." European project that will take place in Agros, Cyprus from 12th to 19th of March 2016. The main aim of the youth exchange is to provide a forum for diverse cultures to come together and have a recognition for similarity and appreciation of difference, foster and encourage personal and social development through interaction on an inter-cultural level, empower young people to be active citizens and have an increased sense of belonging to Europe. Deadline to apply: October 12th, 2015.

16 September 2014

Call for EVS sending partners: Erasmus+ / KA1 in Bucharest, RO

GEYC is looking for sending partners from European/Programme countries for "New Media Entrepreneurs" project which will take place in Bucharest, Romania. The application will be submitted under Erasmus+ program, KA1 to the Romanian National Agency for the 1st of October deadline.

09 September 2017

7 reasons why you should visit Paphos - the European Capital of Culture - in 2017

For those who don't know, Paphos was named the European Capital of Culture of 2017 and I am about to blow your mind with 7 reasons why you should put Paphos on your bucket list today. 

17 May 2015

5 cheap ways of travelling the world (and totally loving it)

Do you want to travel the world but don't really know how to mix limited resources in order to have an unforgettable experience? GEYC will give you a few tips in order to help you have an ultimate journey!

01 August 2014

Story: On top of the cultural tide

GEYC took part in the project "Wall on the high tide", an European exchange held between 16th and 24th July 2014, in Gdansk, Poland involving young people from Poland, Turkey and Romania.

The main objective of this project was to debate upon the differences between cultures, to find similarities and also to raise awareness regarding the importance of cultural diversity .

03 April 2020

The start of the KA2 project "Youth Volunteer Educators e-learning Program"

e-VELP’s primary aim is to enable young migrants/refugees to create and offer free workshops that tap into their talents to share their knowledge and culture. The program will work to ease their integration into their new environment and open more opportunities for finding work. Building an active community of motivated young migrant/refugee volunteer educators (VEs) and youth volunteer educator trainers (VE-Trainers) is an essential part of the growth foreseen for the e-VELP project.

10 July 2018

Young People are Creating Their Future- Youth Exchange in Corsica

Between 23rd of June and 2nd of July five of our inspiring Geyculeți: Alin, Ilinca, Mădălina, Robert and Georgiana started their journey towards Corsica at an Youth Exchange on digital marketing and advertising, with a special focus on ethics in the digital world and NGO strategies in this regard.

22 June 2018

TC - "No more time 4 hate", Málaga, Spain

The Training Course „No more time 4 hate”, which took place in Torremolinos (Málaga area), Spain, between 24th and 31st of May 2018, was not just an occasion to interact with different people, but also an opportunity to „change the world”, as our participants told us.

09 February 2018

YE-"United Plates of Europe", UK

Once upon a time, there were two princesses and three princes who rode unicorns to a faraway land called happiness. Just kidding, this isn’t a bed time story, although, judging from the extraordinary experiences lived by our protagonists, it could have easily been one.

24 November 2017

EVS - "Youth4Sport2" Nicosia, Cipru

The European Voluntary Service, project Youth4Sport2, at Nautilos SAR in Nicosia, Cyprus represented a non-formal experience that allowed me to broaden my knowledge and share ideas about healthy lifestyle, sports and youth education. My mobility stage lasted 6 months, from May until October 2017. During this time I had the chance to be part of an adventurous journey in the easternmost part of Europe. 

09 November 2017

A little bit of Arabic taste in the heart of Bucharest

GEYC, with the support of Agence Universitaire de la FrancophonieComite Des Etudiants Francophones Gaudeamus, Embassy of Tunisia in Romania and University Politehnica of Bucharest, organized on 8 November the "Voix-Voie" event which presented the extraordinary experiences lived by our colleague Gabriel Brezoiu, general manager of GEYC, in Tunisia and by Lamia Ajala, member of Association la Voix de l'Enfant Rural -AVER

29 August 2017

GEYC (Romania) & AVER (Tunisia) take part together in Anna Lindh Foundation's Euromed Exchange Programme

EN: GEYC (Romania) & AVER (Tunisia) decided to join the Euromed Exchange Programme organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation and thus to exchange experiences in the youth and cultural fields as well as to reinforce the cooperation regarding future projects.

FR: GEYC (Roumanie) et AVER (Tunisie) ont décidé de se joindre au programme d'échange Euromed organisé par la Fondation Anna Lindh et ainsi d'échanger des expériences dans les domaines de la jeunesse et de la culture, ainsi que de renforcer la coopération en ce qui concerne les projets futurs.

RO: GEYC (România) și AVER (Tunisia) au decis să se alăture programului de schimb Euromed organizat de Fundația Anna Lindh și astfel să facă schimb de experiență în domeniul tineretului și al culturii, precum și să consolideze cooperarea în ceea ce privește viitoarele proiecte.