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14 December 2016

Contact Making Seminar - KA3 within Erasmus+

Between the 21st-25th of November, I had the opportunity to be part of a great project, a Contact Making Seminar in El Padul (Granada), Spain. The purpose of this project was to connect with other organisations in order to discuss and develop new strategies of cooperation for future Eramus+ projects, especially within KA3.

19 June 2014

Twitter wall: #BeSMARTER14

Want to get updated with everything is happening in SMARTER project? Follow our "#BeSMARTER14" hashtag on Facebook and Twitter and share with us your ideas and reactions! Be social, be smarter!

14 June 2014

An unofficial cultural nights' guide for the official Erasmus+ program

Do you want to know all about getting ready for a successful cultural night in the Erasmus + program? 
GEYC gives you 7 easy steps in order to get you started for an amazing intercultural experience.

08 July 2013

International School of Young Politicians - ISYP

From 3rd to 8th of July 2013, GEYC participated to International School of Young Politicians organized by AGAT with the financial support of Azerbaijan Youth Foundation under the president of Azerbaijan Republic in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The event gathered participants from 10 countries: Azerbaijan, Romania, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey in order to exchange ideas, to find out more about the situation in their country and to work on future initiatives.