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12 November 2017

Japanese Culture in a Nutshell

Konichi wa! This is the first greeting phrase everyone hears getting out of the plane and stepping on the outlandish land of Nippon koku. A month has passed since my Japanese experience has finished and yet, it feels as it happened yesterday. Every day was a travel in time, from the Ancient Japanese culture to the present and future one. Thus, in what follows, the story will focus on the most memorable things it happened each day, from my personal perspective.

01 October 2017

MIRAI Program: a new opportunity door for young people

GEYC arrives at Japan [between 4th-10th of October] through our collegue, Cristina-Elena BALACEANU, who will take part at MIRAI2017 Program, together with other 165 students from Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus.