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25 March 2018

Conference on Communication Strategies for youth NGOs promoting Peace and Human Rights

On the 15th of April 2018, as part of TURN ONline KA2 Strategic Partnership, GEYC will organize the Conference on Communication Strategies for youth NGOs promoting Peace and Human Rights.

29 December 2017

Study - Usage of digital tools by youth NGOs promoting peace and Human Rights

Within our KA2 Strategic Partnership, TURN ONline, a project whose aim is to sustain digitalization within youth organizations promoting peace and human rights, GEYC has started in December 2017 a research on the usage of digital tools by youth NGOs promoting peace and human rights.

18 December 2017

TC-"Entrepreneurship Education for Cultural Tourism" Terranova, Italia

În perioada 29 noiembrie - 7 decembrie am fost unul dintre cei patru GEYC-uleți care a luat parte la un training course – Entrepreneurship Education for Cultural Tourism. Acesta a avut loc în localitatea Terranova da Sibari, Italia. Pot spune că sunt tare norocoasă să vorbesc acum la timpul trecut și să spun că am fost acolo, căci am aflat că am zbor cu o oră și jumătate înainte de îmbarcare. Nu, nu e o greșeală. Compania aeriană m-a anunțat cu o oră și jumătate înainte de îmbarcare că mi-a modificat biletul de avion.

16 December 2017

TC-"E+Quality Week" in Bari, Italy

Imagine one week in a small region from Southern Italy, together with amazing people from seven different countries, working for the same purpose. I haven’t imagined this, until I participated in the E+Quality Week in Bari, Italy, a training course about improving project management competences among youth workers. Looking back at my experience, I have a lot of mixed feelings.

07 July 2017

TC: „YOUth 4 Peace” - Bansko, Bulgaria

The training course “YOUth 4 Peace”, which took place in the lovely Bulgarian mountain resort of Bansko between 10-18 June 2017, aimed at covering different types of conflicts and consequently different ways of transforming conflicts through nonviolent actions. The overall emphasize of the seven days training was placed on fostering a constructive debate targeting some of the more pressing conflicts in Europe and on fueling cooperation in the youth field.

21 May 2016

Discover Erasmus + World

Lots of young people travelling around Europe..and you hear many of them talking about some amazing programmes, called Erasmus+. What do these actually mean?

Well...let me introduce you to Erasmus + World, which may become a lifestyle for many of you even though you might seem not so confident at the beginning. The aim of all 
Erasmus + programmes  includes the focus on promoting non-formal education and giving international young people the opportunity to discover multiculturality, to enlarge their horizons, in other words, to grow.

13 May 2016

EQYP - Story of Day 7

Last day of our training course challenged ourselves to recap what we have achieved during this week in terms of knowledge, skills and also attitudes. And what a better method to do that than playing in the casino?

12 May 2016

EQYP - Story of Day 6

Today we talked about the project budget and how to save the money. At the beginning we started with an interactive quiz of 10 questions about our personal economic management, and we realized that the group generally has a good quality of answer.

11 May 2016

EQYP - Story of day 5

Erasmus + is mostly about the people you meet and the beautiful things you are building together on common ground. This day was perfect for partnerships. 

10 May 2016

EQYP - Story of Day 4

The day started with a session to clarify the concepts of visibility, dissemination and exploitation of results (DEoR). We learned about the importance of these key elements and we realized that making a project is not only the main activity, but a combination of a lot of parameters. 

07 May 2016

EQYP - Story of Day 1

The first day of the EQYP project was full of activities which gave us the chance to meet the other participants, discover their characters and open the door to the EQYP project and the Erasmus+ Programme.

07 October 2015

Cyprus is calling: 8 Romanians will join our (inter)cultural journey in 2016 [Erasmus+ youth exchange]

GEYC is selecting 8 Romanian participants, to take part in the "Youth in C.R.I.S.I.S." European project that will take place in Agros, Cyprus from 12th to 19th of March 2016. The main aim of the youth exchange is to provide a forum for diverse cultures to come together and have a recognition for similarity and appreciation of difference, foster and encourage personal and social development through interaction on an inter-cultural level, empower young people to be active citizens and have an increased sense of belonging to Europe. Deadline to apply: October 12th, 2015.

17 September 2015

Life lesson: Youth on the radio

To begin is the hardest when you have so many memories in your soul. But it appears we’ve already started. We cannot choose between so many stories of serene smiles, beautiful souls and rich events. It wouldn’t be fairplay to make any discrimination. Newcastle Training Course, "Youth on the radio”, was not just a project. 

29 August 2015

Call for 4 Romanian participants: "Youth can do it" Erasmus+ training course, 16-24 November 2015, Petroșani, Romania

GEYC launches a call for 4 Romanian participants to join "Youth can do it" training course is Petroșani, Romania from 16th to 24th of November and to get involved in the dissemination and follow-up activities. This is an Erasmus+ project that provides Youthpass certification. All related costs are covered for selected participants. Deadline to apply: 5th of September 2015.

04 August 2015

Locul, oamenii, activitățile pe care le-am avut mi-au redat o stare de tinerețe, de sete de viață, de aventură, de explorare

WAVE 2 este un proiect Erasmus+ care s-a desfășurat în Portugalia, la câțiva kilometrii de Aveiro, mai exact în localitatea Sao Jacinto, o comunitate de aproximativ 1000 de locuitori. Astfel, schimbul de tineri a reușit să adune 35 de participanți din 7 țări diferite și să îi învețe cum pot avea un stil de viață mai sănătos. Eu am avut norocul să fiu unul dintre participanți.

01 August 2015

11 motive pentru care să iei parte la un schimb de tineri

Te așteptai să găsești o listă de 11 motive care să îți trezească interesul asupra proiectelor internaționale? Ei bine, noi ți-am pregătit ceva mai convingător: experiența a 11 tineri români care au participat la proiectul „ImageIn” în Ungaria. Cuvintele lor îți merg la suflet, iar pozele te fac să îți dorești să fii acolo, trăind experiența alături de ei.

31 July 2015

PRISMA: Spreading the results in all the participating countries

In July 2015 we are closing PRISMA European project, a flagship initiative to train and raise awareness about the importance of digital tools and social media into youth work, PRISMA is a Erasmus Plus project co-funded by the European Commission and organized by GEYC.