11 November 2023

EQYP 2.0, presented at "Învață și dă mai departe" Conference


During the annual Învață și dă mai departe Conference, organized by ANPCDEFP on November 10th, Diana, Ionita, Head of Digital at GEYC, was excited to introduce DigIT, Greeny & SociALL to NGO representatives, young people, youth workers & educators. EQYP 2.0 was thus nominated as one of the best practices shared during the parallel workshops. 

During the presentation, our colleague highlighted the context in which EQYP 2.0 was created, how the three dimensions - green, social, digital - enhance the process of achieving quality and in which ways the standard of quality can be used. She also collected insights and feedback on what could be the next steps in making EQYP 2.0 an useful tool for youth organizations to assess the quality of their own projects. 


If you want to know more about EQYP 2.0, you can follow this link
If you want to see the presentation, please check this link (Romanian version only).