02 October 2023

European Quality in Youth Projects Standard has been updated > Check out EQYP 2.0!


EQYP 2.0 builds upon the foundation of the original five pillars of the EQYP- European Quality in Youth Projects Standard of Quality, launched in 2016, and introduces an innovative approach that integrates three essential dimensions: Green, Social, and Digital. 

Our updated version now evolves to meet the dynamic demands of the European landscape. Through rigorous refinement, our enhanced standard sets a new benchmark for quality in European youth projects, ensuring they not only thrive in today’s context but also pave the way for a sustainable and impactful tomorrow. 

EQYP 2.0 was updated during workQUAholics Seminar, organized by GEYC and co-funded by Erasmus+ (19 - 27 July 2023, Grudziądz, Poland). 

You can check and download EQYP 2.0 here