25 October 2016

EQYP - Standard of Quality is launched

We have the pleasure to announce that today, 25th of October 2016, we are launching EQYP Standard of Quality.
The standard was developed during “EQYP - European Quality in Youth Projects”, project organized by GEYC, together with 10 partners from 10 countries and PRISMA European Network.

EQYP Standard of Quality is created in order to inspire and stimulate youth organisations to raise the quality of their projects, but also to support them throughout this process. 

The EQYP standard is defined by most relevant on 5 main pillars for European youth projects: 
  1. Non-formal learning, 
  2. Project Management, 
  3. Partnerships, 
  4. PR & Communication (visibility and dissemination of results) 
  5. Financial Planning. 

We have found out what quality in youth projects means, due to ESOQ [European Survey on Quality]. Now, it is time to follow the EQYP Standard and improve the quality of our projects. 

Let's have a wider impact! Use the EQYP Standard of Quality!