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luni, 15 ianuarie 2018

TC- "Youth Hate=Hate Youth", Newcastle, England

As a regular participant of Erasmus project, quite experimented with non-formal techniques I usually have the tendency of becoming too technical and abstract disregarding my experience.

joi, 4 ianuarie 2018

CY-130 Our Europe - Our Future, Limassol, Cipru

After the adventures in Spain for the Job Shadowing project, my EFYL experience continued with a Practice project, this time in Cyprus. However, as exciting as December in Limassol sounds, there was little time to actually enjoy the great weather of Cyprus in winter. But we had, indeed, time for that, especially on our first and second days of the project.

duminică, 31 decembrie 2017

2017 in review: GEYC's main achievements

It has been a challenging year, with a lot of achievements and stories to tell. We would like to end the year by sharing our main achievements in 2017.

Happy New Year,

sâmbătă, 30 decembrie 2017

TC - "Your Body is a Voice II", Ganties, France

Have many of you have heard about the power of body language? This year, in May, in a beautiful part of France, called Ganties, took part the training course “Your Body is a Voice II”. The training course was addressed to youthworkers who were interested in participating in body language workshops. The aims of this training course were to promote the culture and living diversity as well as to encourage the youth expression, creativity and communication through dance, theatre and singing. 

vineri, 29 decembrie 2017

Study - Usage of digital tools by youth NGOs promoting peace and Human Rights

Within our KA2 Strategic Partnership, TURN ONline, a project whose aim is to sustain digitalization within youth organizations promoting peace and human rights, GEYC has started in December 2017 a research on the usage of digital tools by youth NGOs promoting peace and human rights.

joi, 28 decembrie 2017

TURN ONline - KA2 Strategic Partnership on Digitalization of Youth NGOs promoting peace and human rights

TURN ONline is a 20 months KA2 strategic partnership project, organized in the frame of Erasmus+, together with NGOs from Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Greece and Hungary. that aims to bring digitalization closer to youth organizations promoting peace and human rights.

miercuri, 27 decembrie 2017

Let's start our first Latin American cooperation project: The Women Get Back (WGB) - KA2

The Women Get Back (WGB) is a Capacity Building project within the framework of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme with 5 project partners from Europe (Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain) and 5 project partners from Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru and Nicaragua).

marți, 26 decembrie 2017

YE- "Diversity hurts?", Marrakesh, Morocco

This project give us the opportunity to have a great experience in a youth exchange which is held in Marrakesh, Morocco with 35 participants from 7 countries: Greece, Romania, Spain, Morocco, Poland, Tunisia and Sweden. 

luni, 25 decembrie 2017

De ce iubesc spaniolii Crăciunul?

Crăciunul este o sărbătoare magică pretutindeni, însă Spania are “gustul” ei aparte de Crăciun. Prin excelentă țara sărbătorilor, España reușește să îi încânte pe toți iubitorii de tradiții și obiceiuri de Crăciun.

luni, 18 decembrie 2017

Crăciunul pe meleaguri însorite, Cipru

În ciuda faptului că ortodoxia a devenit bizantina, ortodocșii celebrează sărbatorile religioase în mai multe feluri. Am colectat toate acest obiceiuri în acest articol, pentru a vă pregăti într-adevăr pentru un Crăciun tradițional în Cipru.
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