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sâmbătă, 18 august 2018

"HTML 4 Youth Workers" TC, Tbilisi, Georgia // InYouS

The second stage of the Capacity building project "International Youth Studies: Curricula, Distance learning course and open educational materials" (InYouS) has taken place in Tbilisi, Georgia, between 22nd-29th of July 2018. 

marți, 14 august 2018

Volunteer wanted - EVS "Meeting of generations", Ankara, Turkey

We are looking for a volunteer for the short-term EVS project "Meeting of generations", which will start in December 2018 in Ankara, Turkey, and will have 6 rounds, each lasting 2 months.

miercuri, 8 august 2018

Call for participants - TC Hate speech fighters, 11.09.2018-18.09.2018, Bansko, Bulgaria

We are looking for 3 Romanian participants to take part in the Project ‘’Hate Speech Fighters’', a training course for youth workers involving 3 trainers and 30 youth workers from 10 countries in Europe and the Caucasus-Bulgaria ,Spain, Italy The Netherlands, Estonia, Romania, Lithuania, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

TC - FaciliTRAIN, 20th-28th of June 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece

During 20th and 28th of June, 4 young people from Romania took part in the "FaciliTRAIN" Training Course, which represented a learning environment focusing on learning by experience, reflection on the past activities of the participants, discussions about the key competencies of youth work and discovering training competencies and methodology.

vineri, 3 august 2018

TC "Glamorize with NFL - Non-formal Learning", Ankara, Turcia

Între 7 și 15 iulie, Iulian Lercă și Simion Strugar au participat la proiectul “Glamorize with NFL” organizat de asociația “Aktif-Iz” in Ankara, Turcia, ca reprezentanți GEYC.

vineri, 27 iulie 2018

Call for participants - TC "The peace pilgrimage", 04.09.2018-12.09.2018, Lugo to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The training course will take the format of a 100km hike-pilgrimage using what is known as the first European Cultural itinerary, the Camino of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, while exploring the power of inner peace through meditation for youth workers.

miercuri, 25 iulie 2018

Volunteer needed for the long-term EVS "Integrational workshop for the Disabled - Support and Assistance", Weingarten, Germany

We are looking for a volunteer for the long-term EVS project "Integrational workshop for the Disabled -Support and Assistance", which will start in September 2018 in Weingarten, Germany, and will last for 12 months.

sâmbătă, 21 iulie 2018

EVS Academy 2017-2018, Bulgaria

In the period of 2017-2018, our partners from Alternativi International implemented the project EVS Academy, including 16 volunteers from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Spain, Italy, Romania and Turkey.

luni, 16 iulie 2018

Capacity Building and Evaluation Seminar - PRIDE: Promoting Diversity and Inclusive Youth Work Practices

The Long Term Training Course "Promoting Diversity and Inclusive Youth Work Practices" was intended for youth workers, youth trainers and facilitators who are ready to work on the topics of diversity, inclusion and anti-discrimination in order to activate the potential of diversity in trainings and work with young people both at National and the European levels.

duminică, 15 iulie 2018

Căutăm voluntari pentru un EVS short term în Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, „Volunteering 4 Strategic development”

GEYC caută voluntari pentru proiectul  EVS „Volunteering 4 Strategic development” ce va avea loc în Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, între 01.09.2018-29.10.2018.
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