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marți, 4 iunie 2019

Cristina in the new GEYC Board of Directors

Cristina is "a young person, just like you!". For about 2 years she was the General Secretary of #PrismaEU network, where she facilitated our work with international partner organizations, she contributed and launched #eqypEU standard of quality and #SupportMoldova programme.
Cristina is from Câmpulung Muscel, in the south of Romania, but she did her studies in Bucharest and France (as an Erasmus+ mobility student). Now Cristina is working for an IT&C giant company: she still builds communities, just in another field and supports the people around her to build their skills and professional path.

Let's discover together her plans for the next 2 years in the #GEYCBoard.

luni, 3 iunie 2019

European Mobility Cafe - May 11th, Iași, Romania

On May 11th, 2019, GEYC organized the 22th edition of the European Mobility Cafe, an info session which this time was organized under the framework of the #thistimeimvoting campaign, Inyous (International Youth Studies) and Youth Workers 2.0 Erasmus+ KA2 projects.

duminică, 2 iunie 2019

Gabriel in the new GEYC Board of Directors

Gabriel is the founder of GEYC Community back in 2010 which has been acknowledged by the Council of Europe as a good practice of digital youth work. Gabriel is born and raised in Bucharest, but half of his time is either leading several activities in Romania & Republic of Moldova, or he is facilitating youth programmes abroad. He was facilitating new cooperation with Eastern Europe, Mediterranean and Latin American countries and he initiated #invizita, #EDYS, #GEYC #ResourcesCenter, EQYP quality standard, #PrismaEU network, #MobilityEUCafe and the memorial walk.

"he is the most motivated and motivating person, a nucleum of positive energy and motivation" (Sandra, GEYC Community)

Let's discover together his plans for the next 2 years in the #GEYCBoard.

sâmbătă, 1 iunie 2019

Simion in the new GEYC Board of Directors

Simion is what we can call a very cool teacher. His journey in GEYC Community started back in 2014 when he, as a IT&C teacher got involved in SMARTER Campaign and brought the SMARTER Title to his highschool. Since then, he cooperated closely with GEYC Team, he took part in European mobility activities, he discovered nonformal education methods and he made his classes more attractive. Simion is coming from Năsăud, a small town in Transylvania. School education became a very important part of our work and we are happy to welcome both teachers, young people and youth workers in the GEYC Community. 

Let's discover together his plans for the next 2 years in the #GEYCBoard.

vineri, 31 mai 2019

Tamara in the new GEYC Board of Directors

Tamara is one of the alumni of #SupportMoldova programme (2016-2018). She is passionate about political sciences & European institutions and she is one of our most visible members in the #GEYC Community in #Iasi. During her early years back in #Moldova, Tamara was a National Winner of the #DiamondChallenge for social entrepreneurs. She believes that young people should get more involved and take part actively to the democratic life.

Let's discover together her plans for the next 2 years in the #GEYCBoard.

Youth work - a path to peaceful societies, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Între 13 și 21 mai 2019 a avut loc cursul de formare „Youth work - a path to peaceful societies” în Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, organizat de partenerii de la Alternativi International, care a abordat tema conflictelor dintre diferite grupuri ale societății și a modalităților de transformare a conflictelor prin acțiuni non-violente.

joi, 30 mai 2019

Claudiu in the new GEYC Board of Directors

Claudiu ȘULEA
Claudiu is a visionary young entrepreneur from Transylvania. In 2018 he graduated from EFYL - European Fellowship on Youth Leadership programme and now he is mentoring a GEYC Community group during RAN Academy initiative on preventing the radicalization of young people. Some of our members from Cluj-Napoca met Claudiu during cultural events or during the best parties in town. During the day: a creative changemaker, during the night, a dynamic DJ - the founder of La Resistance. 

Let's discover together his plans for the next 2 years in the #GEYCBoard.

miercuri, 29 mai 2019

Presentation: "Fake news are only real because we think they are real" (Gabriel BREZOIU)

Our colleague, Gabriel Brezoiu, General Manager of GEYC is invited to speak about our initiatives in the field of fake news, youth participation and youth radicalisation during the Panel 4 of the event "How to better respond to European aspirations of the young generation in the Western Balkans?”, to be held in Bucharest on 28-29th of May 2019. The event is organized in the frame of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

duminică, 21 aprilie 2019

Mr Gabriel BREZOIU - General Manager of GEYC is nominated for a place in the Advisory Council on Youth (Council of Europe)

GEYC and PRISMA European Network are supporting the nomination of Mr Gabriel Brezoiu as a non-compensated member of the Advisory Council on Youth (Council of Europe) for the period 2020-2021. Would you like to support it as well? Learn more about our call and sign the letter bellow.

vineri, 12 aprilie 2019

Youth Exchange - Are we equal ? Gender equality in action, 02.03.2019-10.03.2019, La Vancelle, France

Between 2nd and 10th of March 2019, 6 members of the GEYC Community participated in the Youth Exchange "Are we equal ? Gender equality in action" in La Vancelle, France, which aimed to provide tools for European youth to understand and express through arts, the dialogue about gender equality.
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