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miercuri, 22 noiembrie 2017

TC - "Inclusive Europe", Vilnius, Lituania

Pe data de 3 septembrie ne-am îmbarcat cu entuziasm în avionul ce ne va duce în îndepărtatul Vilnius, fiind curioşi şi nerăbdători să descoperim ce va urma. Prima zi petrecută în capitala Lituaniei a reprezentat o oportunitate de a vizita cele mai importante obiective şi de a ne familiariza cu oraşul, întrucât am participat într-un trasure hunt intercultural.

vineri, 17 noiembrie 2017

Ce a însemnat pentru participanți cursului de inițiere în limba arabă susținut de Lamia Ajala?

„Consider că experiența cursului de limba arabă trebuie povestită nu doar din pricina faptului că a avut un impact mare asupra oamenilor, aplicând peste 200 de persoane, ci datorită atmosferei, oamenilor pe care i-am cunoscut și informațiilor pe care le-am dobândit.

miercuri, 15 noiembrie 2017

Managing Diversity towards More Inclusive Societies

Have you ever had that feeling when you are in a crowd of like-mined people who have similar lifestyle and background? It‘s cool to be understood from half a word and easily fit in, isn't it? Many of young people have never felt that way. 

duminică, 12 noiembrie 2017

Japanese Culture in a Nutshell

Konichi wa! This is the first greeting phrase everyone hears getting out of the plane and stepping on the outlandish land of Nippon koku. A month has passed since my Japanese experience has finished and yet, it feels as it happened yesterday. Every day was a travel in time, from the Ancient Japanese culture to the present and future one. Thus, in what follows, the story will focus on the most memorable things it happened each day, from my personal perspective.

În vizită la Întreprinderi Sociale

Toamna a venit, așa că echipa GEYC, plină de motivație și entuziasm, a mers #învizită la Întreprinderi Sociale.

Vă invităm să descoperiți cum a decurs evenimentul!

joi, 9 noiembrie 2017

A little bit of Arabic taste in the heart of Bucharest

GEYC, with the support of Agence Universitaire de la FrancophonieComite Des Etudiants Francophones Gaudeamus, Embassy of Tunisia in Romania and University Politehnica of Bucharest, organized on 8 November the "Voix-Voie" event which presented the extraordinary experiences lived by our colleague Gabriel Brezoiu, general manager of GEYC, in Tunisia and by Lamia Ajala, member of Association la Voix de l'Enfant Rural -AVER

GEYC is partner in a new strategic partnership focused on project management skills

EuroIMPACT Plus KA2 project focuses on promoting high-quality youth work and aims to provide youth workers all the necessary knowledge for the non-profit sector. #EuroIMPACTplus aims to create innovative resources for youth work and equip youth workers with the necessary skills to manage a project in the most efficient way. 

sâmbătă, 4 noiembrie 2017

Un mois en Roumanie: mon expérience/ O lună în România: experiența mea

Vizita Lamiei se apropie de final, iar poveștile din România se înmulțesc pe zi ce trece. Iată o mică parte din trăirile voluntarului nostru din Tunisia! (restul le veți afla la Seara Tunisiană organizată miercuri, 8 noiembrie, ora 19:00)

luni, 30 octombrie 2017

E-learning course - Entrepreneurship Education for Cultural Tourism

GEYC among with his partners Asociacion Projuven from Spain, Youth Mobility Denmark  from Denmark and Futuro Digitale from Italy is glad to announce the launch of EECT (Entrepreneurship Education for Cultural Tourism) e-learning course.

duminică, 29 octombrie 2017

TC - "Leading to Equalization", Crete, Greece

First of all we would encourage everyone to apply for Erasmus+ projects. Some of you may have that fear of meeting new people, the “What if they are different from me?” well we all have fears and we are all different and it’s ok. That is one of the main topics of Erasmus projects. For example we came from different parts of our country, two of us (Raul and Silvia) are from Bucharest and two from Cluj (Iulia and Eduard) and only Eduard had past experience with mobility projects. Me, Iulia and Silvia had no prior experience and no idea of what is going to happen. We heard stories from our friends but there is no words for living the actual experience.
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