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13 October 2017

HTML Basics & Social Media - a great chance to get familiar with coding

On 12th October we have organized "HTML Basics & Social Media" workshop for the young people in Bucharest that were interested to get a first contact with HTML coding and website development.

Over one full day event, the participants started to understand the logic behind HTML coding, the most common elements and how to work with HTML syntax. Each of them had their own laptop to practice in the same time with the facilitator.

In order to allow further deepening of the contents developed, we have introduced a HTML Tutorial available online where they could find more elements.  

In the second session of the workshop, the participants had to create their own CV by using HTML, thus giving them the chance to explore the main elements we discussed about: tables and lists. Then, we concluded the workshop with a Blogger session where they could identify several parts of code, but also to allow the platform to write the code instead. We have also analysed GEYC website to identify different HTML structures and how they work together.

Feedback / Quotes from the participants:
The participants enjoyed very much the workshop and got motivated to study more and take their experience to the next level with online tutorials and e-Learning courses.
I have studied HTML in university for one year, but during this one day workshop I have learned much more and it was great that we could ask questions anytime.
I really enjoy the method and the fact that the facilitator explained the HTML elements in simple words allowing everyone to follow and test themselves on their computers. 

Also, we have introduced KA2 "eSkills for Volunteers" e-Learning platform, its modules and functionalities where the participants could take their e-skills to the next level.

The workshop was organized in the frame of Europe Code week with the support of Techsoup Romania Association, SAP and KA2 "eSkills for Volunteers".

The workshop was facilitated by our colleague, Gabriel BREZOIU

Following a practical approach, all the participants work simultaneously on their own computers.