14 October 2017

Coucous workshop in Tunisia #xplorTN

As many of you know, our colleague, Gabriel Brezoiu, participated to a Euromed Exchange Programme organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation and left for one month to Tunisia. In this month, beside the non-formal education workshops that he led for the young people, activists, youth workers and young professionals in Tunisia, Mr. Brezoiu learned also how to cook an authentic Tunisian meal.

Coucous is an icon type of dish in northern Africa and it's impossible to miss if you are paying a visit to any of the following countries: Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. Being in Tunisia for a month without tasting couscous is like going to the seaside without getting tanned, so as you can imagine Mr. Brezoiu didn't miss it.

Being fascinated with this delicious meal, Mr. Brezoiu tried to cook it by himself with the help of some experienced cook from Tunisia. Check out the video for the result!

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