20 October 2017

#xplorTN - How it is to live 30 days in the northern Africa

GEYC (Romania) & AVER (Tunisia) decided to join the Euromed Exchange Programme organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation and thus to exchange experiences in the youth and cultural fields as well as to reinforce the cooperation regarding future projects. Following this decision, our colleague, Gabriel Brezoiu, packed all the necessary things, made a lot of research about the northern Africa and left for one month to Tunisia.

During this month, Mr. Brezoiu enjoyed the hot weather from Tunisia, discovered a lot of traditional elements from the Tunisian culture, participated to local events, visited the key points of the country. learned how to cook the famous couscous and last but not least, led educational workshops for the youth people in Tunisia.

Beside this, Mr. Brezoiu interacted as much as possible with the locals, shared his knowledge, listened to their stories and put them all together in a short-documentary movie that will soon launch. Until then, let's take a look to the short stories that Mr. Brezoiu shared with his Facebook friends:

Find out more about the program on geyc.ro/xplorTN