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10 October 2023

Pathway to Green Jobs: Training Course Conclusions

    We had a very important event in Latvia from September 11th to September 19th, 2023, which was organized by YStreet. Erasmus+ 'Pathway to Green Jobs' gave us a new way to think about how important green jobs are in today's changing market. 

    This experience changed the way we think about the green economy and gave us a full picture of long-term job opportunities for young people. We now have a strong plan for helping young people find jobs that care about the environment. 

    We did much better at working with young people because of the project, which gave us new ways to teach green skills. It's the first step toward giving young people more chances to get involved in local events and making it easier for countries to work together. The trip has only just started!

 #GreenJobs #YouthDevelopment