12 May 2016

EQYP - Story of Day 6

Today we talked about the project budget and how to save the money. At the beginning we started with an interactive quiz of 10 questions about our personal economic management, and we realized that the group generally has a good quality of answer.

 Later, we had also debated between "carpe diem" group and "money saver" group, where we heard some good prospectives from both of the groups.

We also saw this inspirational video

By the second part of the day we talked about the process of the reimbursement for travel expenses of the participants. For us, the most interesting part was to see the percentages of the budget of all the different areas in a project and how to manage to reduce some costs.

Authors: District 6 group

Disclaimer. This article was prepared by the participants of EQYP project, co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. However, this document reflects only the views of the authors.