13 May 2016

EQYP - Story of Day 7

Last day of our training course challenged ourselves to recap what we have achieved during this week in terms of knowledge, skills and also attitudes. And what a better method to do that than playing in the casino?

Four teams (Iasi, Bucuresti, Timisoara and Cluj) were invited at EuroCasino, organized at the European Public Space, and started a competition in which the group strategy and also the individual contribution and initiative were essential. Some were motivated by the desire to win the challenges of all four tables - stocks, question balloons, gambling and lucky bottle - while others just wanted to have fun. Some chose the safest options, others risked all their savings at one table. Some teams tried to negotiate everything, while others accepted the rules as they were. All these different approaches for the same opportunities gave us a lot of food for thought. While recapping know-how achieved during this training course on all five pillars - project management, communication, non-formal education, financial planning and partnerships - and also our general knowledge on European issues, we had the opportunity to reflect on our soft skills. Because it is a teamwork game, casino is a great tool to foster dialogue and increase interpersonal competences, to develop leadership skills and assume responsibilities in a fun, yet serious way. It is also a strategy game, which allows participants to explore ways of setting and achieving a common goal within a team, take risks and learn from mistakes.

At the end, we shared our thoughts on what this training course represented for each one of us, the lessons learned, the memories we have made, the moments we have collected. After exploring Bucharest more, we gathered for the Youthpass ceremony and to celebrate our last evening together with an awesome farewell party. 

We decided that the best is still yet to come.   

Disclaimer. This article was prepared by the participants of EQYP project, co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. However, this document reflects only the views of the authors.