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14 May 2018

Youth Exchange: [BG-160] InforMigration, Bansko, Bulgaria

Six enthusiastic GEYCuleți spent about a week in the one of the largest winter resorts of Bulgaria, attending a training course about topics related to migration, refugees, hate speech and human rights. They got the chance to learn the processes, reasons and effects of migration, about climate change and its social, economic, political and environmental consequences and at the end were left with one of the most exciting stories to tell.

12 May 2018

TC - "Englishman in Youth Work", Poronin, Poland

The TC "Englishman in Youth Work" was an international project attended by over 20 participants sent by partner organizations from Poland, Turkey, Macedonia, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania and Italy. The Romanian team was represented by two people sent by GEYC after a careful evaluation process. 

08 May 2018

Ziua Europei - 9 mai

Ziua Europei este o sărbătoare anuală a păcii și unității în Europa. Astăzi, 9 mai, celebrăm ziua simbolului menit să promoveze unitatea în rândul europenilor.

29 April 2018

TC - "PRIDE - Promoting Diversity and Inclusive Youth Work Practices", Armenia

When you think about Armenia, it seems like nothing crosses your mind - or at least, that's how I was before PRIDE - Promoting Diversity and Inclusive Youth Work Practices, 25th of February - 4th of March. Now, when I think about Armenia, I think about Aghveran, about that resort we stayed in, where we spent a few days with people from 10 different countries, from whom I learned so many, in so little time. 

YE - “YOUth 4 Tolerance”, Castellammare di Stabia, Italy

The project “YOUth 4 Tolerance” was a youth exchange that included 44 young people aged 16 to 26 years from Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Spain. The main objectives of the project were to understand the migration processes, to promote a positive attitude, tolerance, solidarity and understanding towards refugees and migrants, to discover hate speech, its causes, roots and consequences and having the ability to distinguish it from freedom of expression, to inform youth about ways and channels for reporting cases of hate speech online, to promote the No hate speech movement among young people. 

20 April 2018

Căutăm 2 voluntari pentru un stagiu EVS de 6 luni în Nicosia, Cipru

GEYC caută 2 voluntari (18-30 ani) pentru un stagiu de voluntariat european (EVS) de 6 luni în orașul Nicosia - capitala Ciprului. Proiectul vizează desfășurarea de activități de tineret și sportive în cadrul unui centru și în afara acestuia.

09 April 2018

Ne-am întors din schimbul de tineri “Youth Activists’ Lab” (Marrakech, Maroc)

Cum ar fi ca un proiect oferit de Uniunea Europeană să aibă loc pe continentul African și să fie despre o temă de actualitate pentru tot globul? În perioada 21-29 martie 6 participanți din România, Liban, Maroc, Spania, Franța și Tunisa s-au reunit în Marrakech pentru Youth Exchange-ul “Youth Activists’ Lab”. Tema, din ce în ce mai de interes pentru momentul în care ne aflăm azi în lume, s-a învârtit în jurul voluntariatul și activismului social.

04 April 2018

Get involved in Youth Activists' Lab (Erasmus+)

"Youth Activists' Lab" is an Erasmus+ youth exchange gathering 36 young people and youth workers from 6 countries (France, Lebanon, Morocco, Romania, Spain and Tunisia) aiming to highlight thе powеr of activism and voluntееring for youth by еxploring ways to еngagе young pеoplе's pееrs in fighting hatе spееch and all forms of еxtrеmism. It took place in Marrakech, Morocco, from 21st to 29th of March 2018. Now, let us share with you our results!

03 April 2018

Seminar - "Now Go!", Leszno, Poland

The Seminar "Now GO!", taking part between 17th February and 23rd February, aimed to empower the young people's involvement within the society, as well as to increase the quality of their work and of their participation. The accomplishment of those goals were possible due to discussions, non-formal education and exchanging of good practices among the participants and their sending organisation. Moreover, the open-discussions of the participants and the ones being facilitated within the project were contributing to learning as much as possible. 

01 April 2018

Căutăm 4 voluntari români pentru un stagiu de voluntariat de o lună în Bulgaria

Dezvoltă-ți competențele printr-un stagiu de voluntariat european găzduit de către partenerii de la Alternativi Internațional din Bulgaria. Timp de o lună vei putea să promovezi educația pentru drepturile omului și să lupți împotriva discriminării și a discursului instigator la ură.

27 March 2018

TC - „LET (LearnEducateTeach) meTRY", Wisła, Poland

This training course was mostly about discrimination and social inclusion. It took part in a beautiful town in Poland, named Wisla, in the middle of the nature full covered in white. There were participants from Spain, France, Macedonia, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Italy and Turkey having two well trained facilitators from Poland and Russia.

19 March 2018

YE - ''Road of Hope'', Ommen, The Netherlands

From the 7th to the 15th of March, the project called Road of Hope took place in Ommen, The Netherlands. The main topic of the youth exchange was the situation of the immigrants and refugees all over the world and the purpose of this experience was to empathize and try to understand the difficulties these people are going through. 

10 March 2018

Sharing is caring: Dissemination activity for LET (LearnEducateTeach) meTRY long term project

Bucharest, 10th of March 2018. Andreea and Alexandru - GEYC Community representatives in the frame of "LET (LearnEducateTeach) meTRY" Erasmus Plus long term project shared their experience with the participants of "Breaking gender stereotypes" workshop organized in the frame of "The Women Get Back" job shadowing.

08 March 2018

We are hosting an international delegation in the frame of "The Women Get Back" project

Between 7th and 16th of March, GEYC is hosting in Bucharest a job shadowing in the frame of "The Women Get Back" project (Capacity building, Erasmus+) involving 3 representatives of nongovernmental organisations from Brazil, France (special guest) and Peru.

16 February 2018

We are starting the Eastern Partnership Capacity building project (KA2) - International Youth Studies: Curricula, Distance learning course and open educational materials (InYouS)

InYouS project is developed by Federation of Youth Clubs (Armenia) and its partners from Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Turkey, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and  Romania. The project will ameliorate the recognition of youth work and non-formal education through development of certified “International youth studies” curricula (and organizing a distance-learning course for youth workers) and open educational materials for European Higher Education Institutions.

15 January 2018

TC- "Youth Hate=Hate Youth", Newcastle, England

As a regular participant of Erasmus project, quite experimented with non-formal techniques I usually have the tendency of becoming too technical and abstract disregarding my experience.

25 November 2017

TURN ONline Strategic Partnership

At the beginning of November, GEYC started a 20 months KA2 strategic partnership project, TURN ONline, organized in the frame of Erasmus+, together with NGOs from Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Greece and Hungary.

24 November 2017

EVS - "Youth4Sport2" Nicosia, Cipru

The European Voluntary Service, project Youth4Sport2, at Nautilos SAR in Nicosia, Cyprus represented a non-formal experience that allowed me to broaden my knowledge and share ideas about healthy lifestyle, sports and youth education. My mobility stage lasted 6 months, from May until October 2017. During this time I had the chance to be part of an adventurous journey in the easternmost part of Europe. 

"Creative Arts for Youth Participation", a youth exchange to remember in La Vancelle, France

Between October 30 and November 5, 2017, we spent an amazing time in a youth exchange that aimed to enhance our creativity, immerse in French culture and meet amazing people from 5 countries – Macedonia, France, Greece, Romania and Lithuania. 

EVS - Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Hello! Numele meu este Vancea Maria Dorina, dar prietenii îmi spun Dori. Sunt studentă in Cluj Napoca, la Facultatea de Studii Europene. Am 19 ani şi sunt fericită că am bifat încă un proiect într-o altă ţară. Deşi am participat în trecut la conferinţe şi la un curs de formare, ideea de a participa într-un EVS nu mi-a venit până în vară.

In March 2013 we celebrated GEYC13 Anniversary