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30 December 2018

Women Get Back job shadowing experience in Peru

A job shadowing is an unique experience offered by Erasmus Plus programme to professional youth workers to immerse in another partner organisation reality and discover their context.

28 December 2018

Women Get Back- A job shadowing experience in Brazil

In an effort to get familiar with the entrepreneurial environment and the situation of women in the work field in Ilheus, Brazil, our colleague, Adelina, finished her job shadowing in the frame of the #WomenGetBack project, hosted by Cooperbom Turismo Ilheus.

23 September 2018

Women Get Back: we are exchanging good practices with our partners from Latin America

As part of our long term cooperation in terms of capacity building and exchange of good practices with our Latin American partners, we will have two job shadowing missions in Peru and Brazil in the frame of "Women Get Back" Erasmus+ project.

08 March 2018

We are hosting an international delegation in the frame of "The Women Get Back" project

Between 7th and 16th of March, GEYC is hosting in Bucharest a job shadowing in the frame of "The Women Get Back" project (Capacity building, Erasmus+) involving 3 representatives of nongovernmental organisations from Brazil, France (special guest) and Peru.

27 December 2017

Let's start our first Latin American cooperation project: The Women Get Back (WGB) - KA2

The Women Get Back (WGB) is a Capacity Building project within the framework of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme with 5 project partners from Europe (Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain) and 5 project partners from Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru and Nicaragua).

14 August 2015

Erasmus+: Call for partners / Búsqueda de Socios - JUNTOS

Source: http://eulacfoundation.org/
ES: GEYC está buscando socios de América Latina para participar en JUNTOS, un Proyecto Juvenil de Fortalecimiento de Capacidades. La solicitud se presenta al programa Erasmus +, KA2, para la fecha límite del 2 de septiembre, con las actividades a ser implementadas a partir del 1 de marzo 2016.

EN: GEYC is looking for partners from Latin America for JUNTOS Youth Capacity Building Project. The application will be submitted under Erasmus+ program, KA2, for the 2nd of September deadline, for activities to be implemented starting 1st March 2016.