03 April 2018

Seminar - "Now Go!", Leszno, Poland

The Seminar "Now GO!", taking part between 17th February and 23rd February, aimed to empower the young people's involvement within the society, as well as to increase the quality of their work and of their participation. The accomplishment of those goals were possible due to discussions, non-formal education and exchanging of good practices among the participants and their sending organisation. Moreover, the open-discussions of the participants and the ones being facilitated within the project were contributing to learning as much as possible. 

The location of the project, Leszno, Poland, and the activities by their own, had allowed us to interact both with the local community and with the international participants. Therefore, we have been discussing good practices with people from Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, and with other Romanians coming from a different NGO. There was also a facilitator from Egypt, and a participant born in Gambia.

"This project was one of the most challenging project I have ever attended, but this did nothing more than encouraging me to further apply! I have learnt that a Seminar is the proper opportunity for presenting, discussing and reassessing what you already know, what you have previously learnt, and also a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge! By attending such a project, you can, for sure, "spread your wings", as the motto of Leszno taught us! When it comes to professional aspects, I have learnt how to assess my knowledge without properly testing it, I have learnt how different projects and ideas are put into practice in different countries. Moreover, I have learnt which are the requirements and the steps that need to be fulfilled for designing a successful project. When it comes to personal aspects, I have been enriching my cultural awareness, I have been inspired by the motivation of those more experienced than me when it comes to project management and project development, and I have improved my intercultural communication skills while making new international friends!"

"Because of this project I realised how connected are the countries and how many NGOs from different countries communicate through Erasmus+. I was impressed to see such a connection between Romania and the other countries. Also I learned about cultural and political issues in Europe and I realised that we all have our problems and nobody is perfect. Last but not least I learned that inclusion is a real problem and especially we, the young generation can change that. There are plenty of solution and fresh ideas that are waiting to be implemented."

Andreea Alexandra Mitrofan
Eliza Ioana Țuțuianu