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27 July 2019

Youth Exchange: [PL-262] European stage, 11.07.2019-18.07.2019, Poronin, Poland

Finding ways to effectively tackle the subject of discrimination and xenophobia towards refugees and migrants is, indeed, challenging but possible. Between 11 and 18 July 2019, Poronin, Poland, young people from 5 European countries (Romania, Portugal, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Poland) took part in the youth exchange “European stage”. Serban, Constantin-Andrei, Andrei George, Ana-Diana, Bianca Stefania, Carmen, Ana Maria, and Călin had the chance to develop the knowledge and skills to respond appropriately to these issues. 

21 February 2019

GEYC Community at RAN YOUNG Empowerment Academy

RAN Young Empowerment Academy

Three GEYC Community members are setting up a local initiative in preventing and countering violent extremism (PCVE)

27 March 2018

TC - „LET (LearnEducateTeach) meTRY", Wisła, Poland

This training course was mostly about discrimination and social inclusion. It took part in a beautiful town in Poland, named Wisla, in the middle of the nature full covered in white. There were participants from Spain, France, Macedonia, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Italy and Turkey having two well trained facilitators from Poland and Russia.

02 August 2017

Teatru Social și Improvizație - Cluj-Napoca, iulie 2017

Diseminarea proiectului “SOCIAL INCLUSION” realizat în parteneriat cu GEYC Romania și Associazione LKL ONLUS (Italia), sub umbrela Erasmus+, s-a încheiat în data de 31.07.2017.

12 June 2017

TC: Inclusion - Vasto, Italy - ”A wonderful Italian experience... on inclusion”

“Italy, here we come”, this was in our thoughts since we had been accepted by GEYC to take part in a training course held in Vasto, from 25th of May to 3rd of June 2017. The hosting organization, LKL (Let`s Keep Learning) was in charge of buying the plane and the bus tickets, of providing us dinner in a restaurant (next to the beach) and giving us pocket money for breakfast and lunch. With this occasion we want to thank GEYC, LKL and to the others participants for giving us the opportunity to live this amazing experience.

26 March 2017

A seed to grow

Between the 7th and the 15th of February, three participants together with our colleague, Gabriel Brezoiu as a trainer represented GEYC for the Erasmus+ project "A seed to grow" in Marrakech, Morocco. [See English version below]

Între 7 și 15 februarie 2017, 3 participanți români alături de colegul nostru, Gabriel Brezoiu în calitate de trainer au reprezentat GEYC în cadrul cursului de formare pentru lucrători de tineret "A seed to grow", proiect finanțat prin programul Erasmus+ în orașul Marrakech, Maroc.

20 February 2016

The Role of Youth in Re-imagining Integration in Europe

"The Role of Youth in Re-imagining Integration in Europe; Channels to Social Inclusion and Equality for all" is a training course that took place in Manchester between 1-7 february 2016. The main purpose of this project was to encourage young people to create a much more equal and inclusive Europe. 

27 January 2015

Call for 5 Romanian participants: youth exchange in Limassol, Cyprus (July 2015)

GEYC is selecting 5 Romanian participants to take part in the “Enable now” European project that will take place in Limassol, Cyprus, from 4th until 11th of July 2015. This youth exchange aims to raise awareness about social inclusion and the human rights of people with disabilities