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08 January 2020

We are kicking out the DIVERSE Project

Diverse project’s aim is to promote the skills of teachers to manage diversity in the classroom through methods based on storytelling (drama in education, fairy tales and digital storytelling)
The main objective of the project is to improve the management of diversity in the classroom and especially in classrooms with an increased number of children with refugee/ migrant or minority background in their school environment.

The first specific objective of the project is to support teachers and educators that are teaching in multicultural schools (school with an increased number of children with refugee/ migrant/ minority background) to develop their skills in order to promote effectively in the classroom. The second specific objective is the improvement of the social inclusion of children with refugee/ migrant or minority background in their classroom and in the society more generally. The project will focus both in elementary and secondary schools.

The project targets the teachers who are teaching in multicultural schools, as it will equip them with different tools that they can use to improve the promotion and management of diversity in multicultural classes and the children themselves, as it will allow them to learn in ways more aligned to their needs. 

The project is based on storytelling, which implies a lot of emotional involvement and allows teachers and students to understand better the different cultures, and aims to adapt and upscale three methods of telling a story: Drama in Education, activities based on fairy and folk tales and Digital Storytelling. The training of teachers on how to use these three methods of storytelling in order to promote diversity in their classroom will allow both the improvement of the intercultural competencies of the teachers and the change of attitudes of the whole classroom. This in return will contribute to the improvement of the social inclusion of the children from refugee/ migrant/ minority backgrounds.

The main activities of the project are designed in order to provide to the teachers the necessary tools in order to be able to deal with diversity in their classroom and create learning environments that will promote the effective social inclusion of all the children in a multicultural classroom.

For more information visit the projects's website or the latest news about it.

27 July 2019

Youth Exchange: [PL-262] European stage, 11.07.2019-18.07.2019, Poronin, Poland

Finding ways to effectively tackle the subject of discrimination and xenophobia towards refugees and migrants is, indeed, challenging but possible. Between 11 and 18 July 2019, Poronin, Poland, young people from 5 European countries (Romania, Portugal, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Poland) took part in the youth exchange “European stage”. Serban, Constantin-Andrei, Andrei George, Ana-Diana, Bianca Stefania, Carmen, Ana Maria, and Călin had the chance to develop the knowledge and skills to respond appropriately to these issues. 

30 December 2017

TC - "Your Body is a Voice II", Ganties, France

Have many of you have heard about the power of body language? This year, in May, in a beautiful part of France, called Ganties, took part the training course “Your Body is a Voice II”. The training course was addressed to youthworkers who were interested in participating in body language workshops. The aims of this training course were to promote the culture and living diversity as well as to encourage the youth expression, creativity and communication through dance, theatre and singing. 

30 April 2017

Good practice: using theatre for social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities

Our volunteer, Andreea Lupu was hosted by Denizli Municipality during a 2 months Short-Term EVS (European Voluntary Service) in November-December 2017 in Denizli, Turkey. 
She had the chance to improve and share her artistic skills with the local young people and she will share some techniques with us that might be useful for your work.