30 December 2017

TC - "Your Body is a Voice II", Ganties, France

Have many of you have heard about the power of body language? This year, in May, in a beautiful part of France, called Ganties, took part the training course “Your Body is a Voice II”. The training course was addressed to youthworkers who were interested in participating in body language workshops. The aims of this training course were to promote the culture and living diversity as well as to encourage the youth expression, creativity and communication through dance, theatre and singing. 

Ten days, people from six different countries and passion. That was the recipe of the project. Participants from Macedonia, Estonia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Romania and Poland shared this experience together, while they practiced dancing, singing and theatre. Their efforts were rewarded, since they had the chance to play in Ti’Stival Festival in Castillion and practice with the children from Gantie’s School. 

One important aspect was to create a bonding between the participants and to encourage them to get to know each other, so they feel more comfortable to perform together. In order to do so, they had a lot of ice-breakers games such as Human Bingo, Lucky Luke and Secret Friend. A lot of intriguing names, one might say! At the end of the day, the games helped the participants to learn each other names and shared stories about themselves.

In manifesting arts, it is all about the trust, self-descovery and the connection between people. Luckily, non-formal education comes up with a great deal of games through which one can discover these aspects. 1 minute death, Mirror Game, Eye Contact Game and Warrior Game are just some of the many „secret weapons” of the body language workshop.

This training course is another proof that art is happening! People, from different countries, connected for 10 days, having the same purpose are giving their best to actually bring a change in the community! Check out the manual they created for all the youth/social workers: