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14 May 2018

Youth Exchange: [BG-160] InforMigration, Bansko, Bulgaria

Six enthusiastic GEYCuleți spent about a week in the one of the largest winter resorts of Bulgaria, attending a training course about topics related to migration, refugees, hate speech and human rights. They got the chance to learn the processes, reasons and effects of migration, about climate change and its social, economic, political and environmental consequences and at the end were left with one of the most exciting stories to tell.

03 May 2018

TC - "Training for trainers", Vienna, Austria

Three enthusiastic GEYCuleti spent a week in Vienna attending a training course organized by Mladiinfo Austria aimed to help them become better trainers. They got the chance to learn new things from and with other experienced speakers, facilitators and colleagues and, in the end, they were left with one of the most exciting stories to tell.

28 April 2016

Call for 5 Romanian participants: Youth Exchange in London (suburbs), UK (1-9 Octombrie 2016)

GEYC is selecting 5 Romanian participants, to take part in "kNOw Vacancies" European project that will take place in London (suburbs), UK between 01.10-09.10.2016. The main aim of this youth exchange is to look at the labour market problems and help youth find ways to explore new avenues of employment and to know exactly where they should be looking for employment. Deadline: 8 May 2016 | Apply now!

04 March 2016

Cyber bullying & The Trojan Horse

Take a ride in the Trojan Horse with the help of Local Heroes Çanakkale, and discover more about what Cyber Bullying is. Andreea was in the training course CTR+ALT+Del Cyber bullying, that reunited early in January 2016, talented youth from all over the world, to discuss ways to react to and combat cyber bullying, using a variety of original methods.

20 February 2016

The Role of Youth in Re-imagining Integration in Europe

"The Role of Youth in Re-imagining Integration in Europe; Channels to Social Inclusion and Equality for all" is a training course that took place in Manchester between 1-7 february 2016. The main purpose of this project was to encourage young people to create a much more equal and inclusive Europe. 

14 February 2016

How to develop a community through the arts?

Between 18-26 January 2016, in Flaxley, Gloucestershire, UK, took place the training course ”Act for your Comunity! Training on Community development”. Andreea, one of our participants wants to share with you the story behind this project. Are you interested in finding out more? Keep reading!

23 September 2015

Symposium on youth participation in a digitalised world

For 3 days – 14-16 September 2015 the opportunity of joining the Symposium on Youth Participation in a Digitalized World organized by the EU-CoE youth partnership at the European Youth Centre Budapest has been offered to me and I must confess, that it was an amazing event, that made me realize how strong the connection between youth workers, policy makers and researchers must be, so that the results of future programmes to come up to the needs of young people.