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02 September 2016

EQYP Output: how to find commercial partners?

Sometimes is a burden to find the right commercial partner for your project. Let's see how you can find them...

14 February 2016

How to develop a community through the arts?

Between 18-26 January 2016, in Flaxley, Gloucestershire, UK, took place the training course ”Act for your Comunity! Training on Community development”. Andreea, one of our participants wants to share with you the story behind this project. Are you interested in finding out more? Keep reading!

15 August 2014

Free ebook: How to use social media wise for your organisation

Many organisations need to organize better their social media presence. "Social networks management policies" is a free ebook prepared by GEYC in the frame of SMARTER project in order to support specially youth organisation towards this need. It includes: international best practices, a policy methodology template and also GEYC's example.