15 August 2014

Free ebook: How to use social media wise for your organisation

Many organisations need to organize better their social media presence. "Social networks management policies" is a free ebook prepared by GEYC in the frame of SMARTER project in order to support specially youth organisation towards this need. It includes: international best practices, a policy methodology template and also GEYC's example.


View full ebook on Slideshare Download full ebook (.pdf)
Download policy template (.docx) View GEYC's social media policy on Slideshare

A deliverable created in the frame of SMARTER project:

SMARTER project (RO-43-E107-2013-R3) is co-financed by the European Commission through "Youth in action" program (4.3). The content of this material does not necesarely reflect the official position of the European Union, the entire responsibility being taken by its author (GEYC association).