16 August 2014

10 easy steps to help you organize the best mobility within the Erasmus+ programme!

Do you want to make sure you'll organize the best mobility within the Erasmus + programme?
Check out our tips and tricks and get the best learning experience out of your project!

Did you always want to organize a mobility within the Erasmus+ programme but you never really knew how to do it?
GEYC provides you with a short guide of how to make that possible.

1. Prepare a guide for your participants including information regarding transportation, accommodation, schedule, activities, information regarding time zone, weather, local currency and all sorts of other tips that will help your participants prepare for the experience.
2. Pick them up from the station/airport and safely transport them to the location of the project.
3. Be on time - nobody really likes to wait!
4. Have an introductory session in which you explain all about the schedule and other practical info.
5. Have an icebreaker the very first day in order to give everybody the opportunity to get to know one another.
6. Be flexible regarding their suggestions - this will help you improve the project and participants will be less reluctant to take part in the activities.
7. Be sure to hold an evaluation session after each day!
8. Make sure the participants have the opportunity to explore as much of the local culture/music/cuisine as possible.
9. Make sure everybody is well fed and well rested - be aware of your participants' well being.
10. Have fun! It's all about giving participants the opportunity to explore each other's cultures in a non formal environment and get the best possible outcome by doing so.

That was it, folks, our short guide to making sure you organize an amazing youth exchange.
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