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18 March 2018

How to create real impact in entrepreneurship through Erasmus+ projects

Have you ever wondered what is the common element between entrepreneurship and Erasmus+ projects?

In February 2018, our colleague Mădălina participated as a representative of GEYC association at the international seminar “Cross-over - Quality in KA2 projects” in Lithuania. The seminar aimed to improve the understanding of strategic partnerships projects among NGOs and to provide a space for further development of project ideas with potential partners and feedback from National Agencies’ representatives.

10 March 2018

Sharing is caring: Dissemination activity for LET (LearnEducateTeach) meTRY long term project

Bucharest, 10th of March 2018. Andreea and Alexandru - GEYC Community representatives in the frame of "LET (LearnEducateTeach) meTRY" Erasmus Plus long term project shared their experience with the participants of "Breaking gender stereotypes" workshop organized in the frame of "The Women Get Back" job shadowing.

02 September 2016

EQYP Output: how to find commercial partners?

Sometimes is a burden to find the right commercial partner for your project. Let's see how you can find them...

16 February 2016

Let's focus more on our food and health

"What's in your plate" training course - technical booklet (output)

31 July 2015

PRISMA: Spreading the results in all the participating countries

In July 2015 we are closing PRISMA European project, a flagship initiative to train and raise awareness about the importance of digital tools and social media into youth work, PRISMA is a Erasmus Plus project co-funded by the European Commission and organized by GEYC.