10 March 2018

Sharing is caring: Dissemination activity for LET (LearnEducateTeach) meTRY long term project

Bucharest, 10th of March 2018. Andreea and Alexandru - GEYC Community representatives in the frame of "LET (LearnEducateTeach) meTRY" Erasmus Plus long term project shared their experience with the participants of "Breaking gender stereotypes" workshop organized in the frame of "The Women Get Back" job shadowing.

Our organization was participating in the mobility of youth workers - "LET (LearnEducateTeach) meTRY" in Wisła (Poland), between 17th to 24th of February 2018. 

The project was supported and financed by the Erasmus+ Programme. It was the first meeting of representatives of our partner organizations as part of a 12-month project whose main goal is to develop and educate youth workers about the concept of culture and its dimensions, approaches used in non-formal education, problem solving and conflicts in an intercultural context, key competences based on methodology, based on non-formal education principles. 

On 10th March, we participated at an event organized by GEYC about gender equality, having participants from Peru, Brazil, France and Romania in the frame of "The Women Get Back" job shadowing

We had the opportunity to talk about our experience in Poland and also to implement an workshop about gender stereotypes.

For this workshop we divided the participants into groups, gave them notes with a stereotype and made a role play. 

 It was nice to show the others what we learnt in Poland and mostly at what conclusions we arrived.