16 February 2016

Let's focus more on our food and health

"What's in your plate" training course - technical booklet (output)

What's in your plate ? Bédeille ­France­ 25/08 – 01/09/2015 

The goal of this European Training Course is to give tools to our partner organizations and the European youth workers to be able to increase the youngster’s knowledge about the global food system. We aimed to give to the participants concrete solutions to improve their food consuming in their everyday life and in their activities with youth people.

Doing that, we aim to increase the awareness of the youth workers about today's world food issues and its local solutions and alternatives. We first concentrated in global issues and then experimented several possibilities that can be done on local level.

This material has been developed in an Erasmus+ project. The responsibility of its content is held by its authors and the European Commission can not be held responsible.