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02 May 2018

Annual report/ Raport anual - 2017

EN: As 2018 was an amazing year for us, we want to share with you our projects, achievements and people that made every awesome thing possible. So take a look over our annual report to find out what incredible things we have achieved in the year that has passed.

RO: Pentru că 2018 a fost un an uimitor pentru noi, vrem să împărtășim care sunt proiectele, realizările și oamenii care au făcut ca toate lucrurile minunate ce s-au întâmplat să fie posibile. Aruncați o privire peste raportul nostru anual pentru a afla ce lucruri minunate am realizat în anul care a trecut.

14 February 2016

How to develop a community through the arts?

Between 18-26 January 2016, in Flaxley, Gloucestershire, UK, took place the training course ”Act for your Comunity! Training on Community development”. Andreea, one of our participants wants to share with you the story behind this project. Are you interested in finding out more? Keep reading!

06 March 2015

Truth revealed: 7 things books don't say about PROJECTS

We have always been told that practice beats the theory. When speaking about projects, a very complex and innovative tool of our modern work, the gap is even bigger and many aspects are still unrevealed.