23 September 2015

Symposium on youth participation in a digitalised world

For 3 days – 14-16 September 2015 the opportunity of joining the Symposium on Youth Participation in a Digitalized World organized by the EU-CoE youth partnership at the European Youth Centre Budapest has been offered to me and I must confess, that it was an amazing event, that made me realize how strong the connection between youth workers, policy makers and researchers must be, so that the results of future programmes to come up to the needs of young people. 

Starting from the very first day, officials from Council of Europe and European Comission shared with us their thoughts regarding the importance of educating youth in e-participation nowadays. „How can we create a world, in which we can truly trust?” was one of the rethorical questions that each of us should answer. – By taking initiative! Only we, the new generation, are the ones that can fight for change. And this is also what GEYC does. 

Happy 20th anniversary European Youth Centre Budapest

During the evening, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the European Youth Centre Budapest, which turned out to be the high time for networking, as many officials from Europe were invited. 

We are what we share

Second day started with labs on different themes: Education, Communication, Economic sphere and working life and Democracy, where concrete examples of good practices from different countries were presented and discussed. There is no doubt that we are what we share, and if every person could apply this motto in his/hers life, without being self-oriented, we could grow more beautiful and evolve as human beings. 

The day ended with an NGO fair, in which we, the youth workers, presented our work in the communities where we belong. 

Refugees - how to act properly and get involved? 

During the Symposium event we dedicated a little time to the major theme of refugees and asyl-seekers, problem that has impact on entire Europe at the moment. As long as we, GEYC NGO, are involved in many activities in which we try to support human rights and encourage equality, we have decided to get involved as well, in creating a short video, in which we, the participants at the Symposium, share our intention of helping people in need, people that feel insecure due to their actual situation.

 So, keep an eye on GEYC page, and you will have the opportunity to watch the video really soon!