20 February 2016

The Role of Youth in Re-imagining Integration in Europe

"The Role of Youth in Re-imagining Integration in Europe; Channels to Social Inclusion and Equality for all" is a training course that took place in Manchester between 1-7 february 2016. The main purpose of this project was to encourage young people to create a much more equal and inclusive Europe. 

The project was based in the world's first industrialised city, Manchester. The diversity of the city’s community keeps Manchester endlessly lively and exciting, making it a great place to start a discussion about social integration in Europe.

The training course addressed important matters in Europe’s actual context: social inclusion, integration, the refugee crisis in Europe and its economical and social implications, rising islamophobia and racism. 

Our activities included informative and interactive workshops, round-table debates and various other group activities. Through this project, we have worked in transnational teams, dealing with a wide range of perspectives, while trying to reach agreeable resolutions for the problems we were discussing, which was really challenging.

A workshop that that really impressed me was talking about the six cultural dimensions defined through Professor Geert Hofstede intercultural studies, which can be used to compare the collective mindset of countries. 
You can find more about this topic here: http://geert-hofstede.com/countries.html and try some comparisons on your own.

During the intercultural night, we had fun exploring international cuisine and traditional customs in our attempt to briefly present our home countries.

We have also enjoyed our tea breaks with traditional English flavors and intriguing conversations.

At the end of the project, we shared our final thoughts regarding our experience and came up with ideas for future collaborations.