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21 February 2019

GEYC Community at RAN YOUNG Empowerment Academy

RAN Young Empowerment Academy

Three GEYC Community members are setting up a local initiative in preventing and countering violent extremism (PCVE)

RAN YOUNG Empowerment Academy is a programme in which young people from all over the EU (aged 18-25) develop their knowledge, skills and competencies in order to set up their own local initiatives to prevent radicalisation. In one year, the participants will attend 4 Academy sessions. In the meanwhile, within their communities, the participants work on implementing their own initiatives. The sessions guide the participants in their process of setting up an initiative and creating local impact.

Alexandra-Georgina Țurțulea, Iulia Maria Țînțaș and Zsolt Chis, 3 GEYC Community members, living in Cluj Napoca, Romania are participating as a team on behalf of GEYC.

About their initiative:

"We thought of the following concept: ETHNIC WEEKEND FEST - a one-weekend festival that will cover different activities dedicated to our target group (children and young people of Hungarian and Romani ethnic groups, aged up to 35 years old, from Cluj Napoca or from the villages around), as well as to other youth who want to meet them and support their integration in the community of Cluj Napoca.

The project will consist of setting up a series of games and role-playing scenarios dedicated to the children and workshops for the adults. 

Our event’s main aim is to help the ethnic groups integrate easier into the community and get to know each other and become more stable. The great goal for our project is to help each individual from the groups to understand how to identify radicalisation and how to fight and control this behaviour. Each participant will be informed concerning the topic and at the end of the festival, they will know whom to contact if needed.

By having the final statistics of the festival (after the event), we want to ask the City Council’s Mayor to integrate specific activities in the programme dedicated to the celebration of the City’s days. Activities that will be specially designed for our groups." - Alexandra, Iulia and Zsolt

We wish Alexandra, Iulia and Zsolt good luck and we are supporting them in implementing their initiative. Updates will follow!