25 November 2017

TURN ONline Strategic Partnership

At the beginning of November, GEYC started a 20 months KA2 strategic partnership project, TURN ONline, organized in the frame of Erasmus+, together with NGOs from Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Greece and Hungary.

The main objective of this initiative is to bring digitalization within the organizations promoting peace and human rights and we, the NGOs involved in this movement, are more than excited to support this process at local, national and international level.

At the beginning of November, representatives of GEYC, Romania, Associacion Projuven, Spain, Alternativi International, from Bulgaria, Inpro, Poland, InterMediaKT, from Greece and Egyesek, based in Hungary, gathered all together in Barcelona for the kick-off meeting of the partnership, which was organized and hosted by iwith.org NGO, in Barcelona, Spain.

During the project`s implementation we aim to compile the best practices of digital management, social communication and online activism and, as a result of our actitivites, to develop a set of educational activities as local workshops, international trainings, webinars and MOOC. 

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Kick-off meeting, TURN ONline

From the very beginning we aim to keep our local communities up-to-date and, moreover, to strengthen the networking of youth organizations promoting peace and human rights and empower them to implement common online actions for social change.

"Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is better." Richard Stallman