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02 July 2018

Cea de-a cincea întâlnire organizată de Consiliul Europei cu societatea civilă romă

În perioada 21-22 iunie 2018 în Strasbourg, Loredana Dinu (Comunitatea GEYC) a luat parte la evenimentul”The 5th Dialogue Meeting”, organizat de Consiliul Europei. 

Această întâlnire a reprezentat un forum prin care toate părțile interesate au împărtășit propriile cunoșțințe și bune practici cu privire la participarea femeilor rome la viața publică și la viața politică. 

27 January 2017

International Holocaust Remembrance Day - Q: why should we remember? A: In order not to forget and repeat.

History has a way to repeat everything we did not understand. Over 70 years ago, 6 million Jewish people, 2 million Romani people, 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people, and 9,000 homosexual men were killed by one of the most horrible genocides in history. 
Today, we live in a modern world with high human rights laws and standards, but still discrimination is everywhere, it is rising and the risks of radicalization is imminent. GEYC, as a member of PRISMA European Network stands for human rights and launches today the final findings of HaSpe research.

08 December 2016

European Fellowship in the field of human rights - The second edition’s fellows testimonies

Five months ago, GEYC was recruiting four Romanian young people for the second edition of the European Fellowship in the field of human rights. One training course, a short film and many human rights promotion events later, our fellows are looking back upon their experiences and are now sharing them with us.

01 September 2016

GEYC's added value to ''Balkan without hate'' Project

At GEYC we believe that the quality of a project should also be visible in the partners' contributions. Each one can add value by efficiently communicating with the organizers and other partners, choosing the most relevant participants, increasing visibility, disseminating and multiplying the results through local activities and generating follow-up events. This year, we were partners along with other 6 NGOs from 6 countries in Balkans without hate Project. And we've put into practice what we preach. 

14 June 2016

Call for applicants: European Fellowship in the field of Human Rights - 2nd edition

GEYC is selecting 4 Romanian participants, to take part in "Balkans without hate" Internship. The main aim of this project is to explore how young people and youth work can benefit from creation of genuine youth documentaries on what kind of (multicultural) societies we want to live in. Deadline: 22 June 2016 | Apply now!

31 December 2015

Our first Fellowship on Human Rights: "Out hate" achievements

In July 2015, Group of European Youth for Change launched the call for the selection of three European Fellows in Human Rights, in the frame of No Hate Speech Movement, for a three phase chain-project (7 days Training Course on Human Rights in Bulgaria - Implementation of activities in Romania – Dissemination of the results in Georgia) that lasted from August until December. 
After a competitive process Ana-Maria Andreea LUPU, Georgiana NUȚU and Cristina Elena PETCU were the ones who stood up as the most passionate, active and knowledgeable in the field of human rights, and thereby, they were selected to become the European Fellows in Human Rights.
The project was implemented together with the organizations Alternativi International from Bulgaria and DRONI, from Georgia in the frame of an Erasmus Plus project.

20 August 2015

Time to start our European Fellowship on Human Rights

Our European fellows, Andreea, Cristina and Georgiana said "Hi" from Bansko, Bulgaria where they are attending the first training course of their ‪#‎fellowship in the frame of "No hate speech movement".

They are part of a 5 months programme aimed to promote human rights at local level, particularly the "No hate speech movement" initiated by the Council of Europe.

26 June 2015

Call for applicants: European Fellowship in the field of Human Rights Education

GEYC is selecting 3 Romanian participants, to take part in "United Youth Combating Hate" Internship. The main aim of this project is aimed at developing skills in the fight against hate speech by training in human rights. Deadline: 1 July 2015