11 October 2021

Call for participants | 5030Remember Seminar and Conference


Many citizens, especially youth, have a limited understanding of the implications of World War 2 on Europe and in building a democratic EU. European youth of less than 30 have never lived under authoritarianism and not understanding the struggle for democracy may lead to an increased euroscepticism current.

The 5030Remember project aims to empowеr thе targеt groups by fostеring rеmеmbrancе and human rights еducation, thus crеating a significant ripplе еffеct.

Do you want to get involved and have a say in designing recommendations for educational institutions regarding human rights education and remembrance?

Apply for the 5030Remember online Seminar taking place between 2nd - 11th of November 2021!

Consisting of asynchronous tasks (2-5 November) and 4 sessions of video meetings, the seminar will Build on the findings of a survey conducted in all the partner countries in 2020 and 2021 regarding young peoples’ knowledge on the implications of the WW2 and post-war authoritarian regimes on today’s European democracy.

The seminar participants will have priority in participating in the Final Conference of the project, held in Bucharest, Romania, on December 17th, 2021.

Registration will be open until October 31st for the Seminar and November 30th for the Conference.