15 October 2021

The launch of the European Fellowship on Human Rights (EFHR), 3rd Edition


After several years during which our fellowship programs have focused on the topics of youth leadership, project management and sustainable development, we are finally starting a new edition of the first fellowship we ever organized: European Fellowship on Human Rights (EFHR)!

We couldn't be more thrilled to have selected 6 motivated young people, who will go through a diverse learning experience over the course of 5 months (October 15th, 2021 - March 15th, 2022, 1 month off):

Andreea is a young and ambitios jurist pasionated by discovering the world in all it's beauty. She loves travelling, sports and studying her areas of interest and one of those is International Law and Human Rights which remains a hotly debated topic and she thinks that it deserves all our attention and concentration in an european society.

Andrei is a 23 year old, highly ambitious person. His ethos is: individual development, transnational private-public collaboration and tech in order to improve the state of the world. He wears multiple hats, being a project manager for a startup, a co-founder for an NGO organization and an international student. Continuously trying to improve as both an individual and a leader, he is trying to learn as much as possible about politics, culture and issues regarding the law and human rights. Learn more about Andrei at www.andreidodea.com

Roxana is first and foremost a person who aims as high as possible. Maybe sometimes helpless, her enthusiasm always takes her further. She considers herself to be a person full of life, cheerful and satisfied. She wants to do a lot, to know as much as possible and she loves people in general. She likes to discover the potential of each person and she realizes that each person is her teacher in a certain chapter.
Being a person who always cared about others, she was always passionate about diplomacy
and human rights. Her interest in this field intensified when she found out about a woman
model for her, Federica Mogherini . She would like to be able to make a difference in society
one day.

Denis is a creative, friendly, hardworking person and eager to work in a team. He feels best when he is surrounded by people with whom he can communicate and exchange thoughts and perspectives. During the pandemic he mostly missed the interaction with new people, but now thanks to this project he has the opportunity to work in a team full of productive people in order to promote human rights, a subject that interested him since university, when he studied it.

Simona always liked meeting people, speaking with them, and learning their stories. Actually, this is way she studied foreign languages, so she could talk with as many people as possible without any language barrier. But as she started traveling more, I realized how lucky she am. To just be able to go to school, or not be forced to work, or just complain on Facebook about the way the government is handling the pandemic. What for her were unnoticed normalities, for other people were privileges.

Cristina is a Political Science graduate. Currently, she is a master student in Diplomacy and Negotiations. What she can say about herself is the fact that she is passionate about the Middle East region and implicitly about the study of the existence or nonexistence of respect for human rights in that geopolitical area. Moreover, she has studied many cases tried in the European Court of Human Rights. Therefore, the issue of human rights represents a major point of interest for her that she wants to research constantly.

Objectives of the Fellowship:

  • To raise understanding of youth about the importance of human rights education and remembrance of the past;
  • To improve their project management, communication and critical thinking skills;
  • To foster their intercultural understanding.

This fellowship is organized under the framework of the Europe for Citizens project 50+30: From WW2 to the end of communism, which aims to counter the rising populism in Europe by fostering remembrance with innovative digital tools, published as guidelines to target educational institutions. More about the project here.


GEYC has a broad experience in the field of fellowships. In 2015, we have launched the call for the selection of three European Fellows on Human Rights, in the frame of No Hate Speech Movement, for a three phase chain-project that lasted from August until December of 2015. After a great impact of the first edition, we have decided to organize a second one in 2016, which gave more young people the opportunity to get involved in this initiative.

After the successful impact of the European Fellowship on Human Rights, we have decided to focus our attention on Social Entrepreneurship and to launch a similar programme in this area. The main objective was to give participants the tools to have a positive impact in economic growth.

The most complex fellowship that we have initiated so far is the European Fellowship on Youth Leadership (EFYL). The participants had a mix learning experience: training, job shadowing, practice, inspiration and peer-to-peer training. From 2018 until now, we have also organized the European Fellowship on Project Management (EFPM), European Fellowship on Sustainable Development (EFSD) and European Fellowship for Young Researchers (EFYR).