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31 December 2015

Our first Fellowship on Human Rights: "Out hate" achievements

In July 2015, Group of European Youth for Change launched the call for the selection of three European Fellows in Human Rights, in the frame of No Hate Speech Movement, for a three phase chain-project (7 days Training Course on Human Rights in Bulgaria - Implementation of activities in Romania – Dissemination of the results in Georgia) that lasted from August until December. 
After a competitive process Ana-Maria Andreea LUPU, Georgiana NUȚU and Cristina Elena PETCU were the ones who stood up as the most passionate, active and knowledgeable in the field of human rights, and thereby, they were selected to become the European Fellows in Human Rights.
The project was implemented together with the organizations Alternativi International from Bulgaria and DRONI, from Georgia in the frame of an Erasmus Plus project.