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27 January 2017

International Holocaust Remembrance Day - Q: why should we remember? A: In order not to forget and repeat.

History has a way to repeat everything we did not understand. Over 70 years ago, 6 million Jewish people, 2 million Romani people, 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people, and 9,000 homosexual men were killed by one of the most horrible genocides in history. 
Today, we live in a modern world with high human rights laws and standards, but still discrimination is everywhere, it is rising and the risks of radicalization is imminent. GEYC, as a member of PRISMA European Network stands for human rights and launches today the final findings of HaSpe research.

16 February 2015

The Romanian version of Valentine's Day

People celebrate love in particular ways all over the globe. 
Romanians have something equivalent to the well-known Valentine's Day.
And GEYC is here to give you all the scoop on this pagan holiday.