24 December 2021

Publication | Digital Collection of Peace Education Activities - #T4Tpeaceedu

The 21st century has seen the rise of conflicts; whether armed, psychological or of other nature, they inevitably lead to a human rights crisis like never before. Sustainable, lasting peace and security can only be attained when all human rights are fulfilled. Building and maintaining a culture of peace is a shared challenge for humankind. For a person living in a peaceful part of the world, the need for peace education might not be imperative - why talk about peace if I've never experienced war?! The truth is, what happens in one part of the world deeply affects all other areas.  Creating a common culture of peace and respect for human rights should be a common goal for humanity, and the most powerful tools to attain that goal are peace education and human rights education.

Gathered for 8 days in the freezing temperatures of Uppsala, Sweden, 25 participants from 11 countries tried to understand the concept of peace education and worked to develop activities for children and young people. Doing so, they gained skills and knowledge on peacebuilding, prevention of conflicts and resolving the occurrence of conflicts in a peaceful way, which they can transfer upon young people in a non-formal and sustainable manner.

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