23 December 2021

Publication | #5030remember Digital Guide

The '50+30' project refers to the remembrance of 80 years passing since the beginning of WW2; the end of WW2 has led to 50 years of authoritarian regimes in many central and eastern European countries, culminating with the revolutions of 1989. Contributing to the culture of remembrance, the "50+30: from WW2 to the end of communism" project aims to increase youth's knowledge on the implications of World War 2 and the period until the fall of communism in Europe on today's democracy, thus seeking to combat the populism and euroscepticism that are present in the European public space in the last years.

The present Guide aims to analyze the knowledge of young people regarding WW2 and other key historical events, to identify, with the help of our participants, key challenges that complicate the creation and execution of informative campaigns and remembrance events in general, as well as approaches on how to overcome these burdens.

The project was implemented by a consortium of 10 NGOs from 9 EU countries: EuroMuévete (Spain), Asociatia GEYC (Romania), European Dialogue (Slovakia), Youthfully Yours SK (Slovakia), Active Youth (Lithuania), Loesje e.V. (Germany), Alternativi International (Bulgaria), Inco Molfetta (Italy), EuroMed Eve Poland, coordinated by CoconutWork (France).

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