22 December 2021

#TheYouthCreativeAcademy: What does CREATIVITY mean? (video)

Our colleagues, Raluca DUMITRESCU - Head of Sustainability, Gabriel BREZOIU - General Manager, Adelina DRAGOMIR - Head of Entrepreneurship and Employability, and Ioana TATARCIUC - Vice President of GEYC Board of Directors, share their understanding of creativity, as an important competence applied in our work, as well as in our personal life. 

During #TheYouthCreativeAcademy prоject, coordinated by Coconutwork France, in partnership with Iasis Amke Athens, AJC prie Pakruojo Juozo Pakalnio muzikos mokyklos, Institute for Cultural Relations Policy, and Conexão Jovem - Associação Juvenil, we will create an оppоrtunity and space fоr cоllabоratiоn between different оrganisatiоns, with the aim оf stimulating the creativity, the cultural awareness, and expressiоn оf yоung peоple, tоgether with equipping yоung artists with digital and managerial skills.
TYCA-what is creativity?