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EDYS24 Registrations are now open
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In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our commitment is directed towards raising awareness, promoting and working on:

Acting as Head of Sustainability

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


“New European Bauhaus in Urban and ruraL Areas” (NEBULA)

  • Period: Apr 2023 - Mar 2025
  • Aim: to stimulate the creative spirit and entrepreneurship of young people in order to make them actors of the New European Bauhaus, which aims to be the practical conversion of the Green Deal, making cities and rural peripheries places to live and enjoy also from a cultural and social point of view.
  • Funded by: Erasmus+ KA220 Partnerships for Cooperation
  • Project ID: 2022-2-FR02-KA220-YOU-000096306
  • Sustainable NGOs

  • Period: Mar 2023 - Feb 2025
  • Aim: to raise awareness of climate change and environmental challenges in line with European and global strategic documents in the youth sector, empower the youth sector for the green transition and to start working in a more sustainable way, improve the green competences of young people, youth workers and leaders and help them change their habits and behaviors, so that they will become actors of change both inside and outside the youth organization.
  • Funded by: Erasmus+ KA220 Partnerships for Cooperation
  • Project ID: 2022-2-SI02-KA220-YOU-000094226
  • A remembrance journey to the totalitarianism

  • Period: Mar 2023 - Nov 2023
  • Aim: to empower vulnerable young people to create a positive change in their communities by learning more about the past, understand it from a youth and cultural perspective and become young multipliers.
  • Funded by: Erasmus+, DiscoverEU Inclusion Action
  • Project ID: 2022-1-RO01-KA155-YOU-000102915
  • Eco Echo Clubs

  • Period: Nov 2022 - present
  • Aim: raising awareness about the current ecological challenges among highschool students.
  • Funded by: European Solidarity Corps - Volunteering (ESC51)
  • First Step Programme

  • Period: Oct 2022 - Aug 2023
  • Aim: promoting the social inclusion of young people in situations of social exclusion due to risky behaviour, through an innovative programme on financial literacy.
  • Funded by: Erasmus+ KA2 Partnerships for Cooperation - Small-Scale Partnerships
  • Project ID: 2022-1-PT02-KA210-YOU-000081865
  • SENSE - The New European Roadmap to STEAM Education

  • Period: Sep 2022 - Sep 2025
  • Aim: SENSE. seeks to increase the public’s interest in science by merging the arts and aesthetics into STEM education, reshaping how STEM subjects are taught in Europe.
  • Funded by: Horizon Europe
  • Project ID: HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ERA-01-101058507
  • Inclusive communication: Diversity as a Lever of Performance

  • Period: March 2022 - May 2023
  • Aim: promote the social inclusion of vulnerable young people
  • Funded by: Erasmus+ KA2 Partnerships for Cooperation - Small-Scale Partnerships
  • Project ID: PT02-KA210-YOU-000047974
  • Youth 4 Bauhaus

  • Period: 01 March 2022 - 31 July 2024
  • Aim: empower and engage young people to practice their democracy in participatory processes in regards to public space co-creation in a sustainable, greener, and inclusive way- in the spirit of the New European Bauhaus (beautiful, sustainable, and together).
  • Funded by: Erasmus+, KA220 -YOU- Cooperation partnerships in youth
  • Project ID: 2021-2-SK02-KA220-YOU-000050748
  • Green Cities of YOUth

  • Period: March 2022 - February 2024
  • Aim: increasing the role of young people in the development of sustainable cities
  • Funded by: Erasmus+ KA2, Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices in the field of youth
  • Project ID: 2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000029156
  • Youth Act for Sustainability

  • Period: July 2021
  • Location: Fuerteventura, Spain
  • Aim: Empowering 30 young people from 5 countries to develop a sustainable mindset towards an eco-friendly lifestyle by adopting at least an environmentally friendly measure.
  • Funded by: Erasmus+, KA1
  • Co-organizer: AVANFUER
  • Project ID: 2020-3-ES02-KA105-016420
  • European Climate Pact Ambassador

  • Period: May - December 2021
  • Aim: inform, inspire and support climate action in the GEYC community
  • Hosted by: EU Climate Action
  • SMART-Y: Youth Together for Green and Sustainable European Rural Territories

  • Period: May 2021 - May 2023
  • Aim: to boost the realisation of the European Youth Goal #10 "Green and Sustainable Europe" via the startup of a transnational network of youth organisations active in EU rural areas and able to Engage, Connect and Empower vulnerable young people (18-30 yo) towards the co-creation of European Smart Villages.
  • Funded by: Erasmus+, KA3
  • Project ID: 624643-EPP-1-2020-1
  • #GenderIDTalks - ALF Virtual Marathon

  • Period: May - June 2021
  • Aim: to promote gender equality, in the sense of raising awareness on the topic of Women and gender stereotypes in a cross-cultural and cross-sectorial way, by connecting it to other key issues (SDGs and ICD, entrepreneurship, media and advertising, youth and digital) and empowering people towards a meaningful civic, economic, social, and cultural participation
  • Funded by: Anna Lindh Foundation
  • Our Food, Our Future

  • Period: May 2021 - Dec 2022
  • Aim: to create a.space for young people between 15 and 35 years, to amplify their voices and to get involved in actions that address the interdependence between food, climate change and migration
  • Funded by: Mai Bine Association/ DEAR Programme
  • #RFSD2021 - Regional Forum on Sustainable Development

  • Period: Mar 2021
  • Aim: to uncover concrete policy actions to accelerate SDG progress and spur the efforts to build back better.
  • Hosted by: UNECE
  • Supporting the Issue-Based Coalition on Adolescent and Youth
  • Sustainability Policy

  • Period: May 2020 - present
  • Aim: to increase the organizational sustainability in line with the SDGs-Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Relevant pillars: A. Gender equality, B. Social inclusion, C. Efficient use of resources, D. Travel management, E. Health and wellness, F. Partnership for sustainability
  • eVELP - Youth Volunteer Educators e-learning Program

  • Period: Apr 2020 - Mar 2022
  • Aim: to enable young migrants/ refugees to create and offer free workshops that tap into their talents to share their knowledge and culture.
  • Funded by: Erasmus+, KA2
  • Project ID:
  • MAD you. You can Make a Difference

  • Period: Jan 2020 - Jan 2021
  • Aim: to increase the awareness and responsibility of the volunteers involved,.
  • Funded by: ESC - European Solidarity Corps
  • Project ID:615970-ESC-1-2018-2-IT-KAA-VOL-HPAREA
  • EFSD - European Fellowship on Sustainable Development

  • Period: July 2019 - Dec 2019
  • Aim: to develop the youth skills in the field of sustainable development.
  • Funded by: own sources, Erasmus+
  • EllE (Empower - learn - led - Expand): YOUth4SDGs changing the rules transforming our world

  • Period: May 2019 - Jun 2021
  • Aim: to enhance youth skills to help advance SDGs.
  • Funded by: Erasmus+, KA2
  • Project ID: