24 May 2021

GEYC is confirmed as a European Climate Pact Ambassador

  The Climate Emergency is an issue we have learned to be aware of especially in the last few years. We are happy to announce that GEYC is now a European Climate Pact AmbassadorWe committed to inform, inspire and support climate action in GEYC Community and in our networks in contribution to the European Climate Pact.

What are the European Climate Pact’s values?

The Pact is an ambitious initiative, open and inclusive for everyone, aimed at contributing to the objective of reaching climate neutrality in the EU by 2050.

  • Science, responsibility and commitment: GEYC will entail positive climate action, inspiring or encouraging others to join. We will contribute with concrete, science-based, trustworthy actions with clear and, ideally, measurable outcomes to show impact.
  • Transparency: We will commit to sharing all relevant information on our actions, methodologies and results with other Pact participants and with the public. 
  • No greenwashing: Pledges will be registered in such a way as to demonstrate that participants' commitments are concrete, public, and transparent.
  • Ambition and urgency: To achieve the climate and environmental aims we need to challenge long-standing behaviours and assumptions, quickly and decisively. 
  • Action tailored to local contexts: Discussions and action will be adapted to local contexts and target groups. The closer to people’s day-to-day reality, the better.
  • Diversity and inclusiveness: To pull down barriers to climate action, including barriers resulting from personal characteristics, such as gender, age and disabilities, anyone, from any background or profession, in principle can take part in the Pact.