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01 September 2016

GEYC's added value to ''Balkan without hate'' Project

At GEYC we believe that the quality of a project should also be visible in the partners' contributions. Each one can add value by efficiently communicating with the organizers and other partners, choosing the most relevant participants, increasing visibility, disseminating and multiplying the results through local activities and generating follow-up events. This year, we were partners along with other 6 NGOs from 6 countries in Balkans without hate Project. And we've put into practice what we preach. 

Balkan without hate Project is organized by 35mm NGO and co-financed by the European Commission through Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 2 - Capacity building in the field of youth. The main aim of this project is to explore how young people and youth work can benefit from creation of genuine youth documentaries on what kind of (multicultural) societies we want to live in. 

The objectives of the project are: 
  • to raise knowledge of youth about history of Balkans and Europe; 
  • to raise understanding of youth about multicultural concepts in Balkans and modern Europe; 
  • to contribute to a better understanding of young people about the needs of other nationalities in their countries; 
  • to improve skills of young people in the non-violent communication, critical thinking and photo and video production; 
  • to recognize and highlight positive examples of multiculturalism in the community; 
  • to raise awareness of public about the youth ideas about the values and challenges of living multicultural Balkans; 
  • to contribute to decrease of use of hate speech and violence among youth that is based on nationality.
GEYC initiated the 2nd edition of the Fellowship for Human RightsEQUALIS CampaignHate Speech Survey in Europe - HaSpe and the 2nd edition of the European Digital Youth Summit - EDYS 2016 in the frame of the dissemination activities of Balkans without hate Project. 

1. Fellowship for Human Rights (2nd edition) is an innovative program of 5 months, which allows 4 fellows (Alexandru Cerchezeanu, Loredana Dinu, Andrei Stupu and Andreea Udrea) to get actively involved in relevant activities, combining training, research and the creation of new opportunities of promoting Human Rights among youths, educators, policy makers and other stakeholders.
In the frame of the fellowship, Alexandru led a literature review essay on the topic of hate speech online:
No Hate Speech and No Hate Speech Movements:  
Fighting Words – Between Hate Crime and Freedom of Speech  

2. EQUALIS Campaign aims to involve teachers and students from Romania in implementing creative activities and using digital tools, in order to combat bullying in schools and raise awareness on no hate speech movement
Duration: 21/09- 10/12/2016
Results: 70 events all over Romania, 50 educational institutions involved.
Activities developed at local level ranged from workshops to flashmobs, from expressing ideas through handmade art to debates, from marches to role plays.

December, 10th 2016:  UPDATE: FINAL RESULTS released 

3. Hate Speech Survey in Europe - HaSpe is a European research, developed together with our 6 partners, which aims to identify youngsters' perception about hate speech, with a particular focus on hate speech online, and how they perceive their role in this regard. Youths can fill in the survey, available in three versions, English, Romanian and Montenegrin, by November 15, 2016. 

December, 10th 2016:  UPDATE: FINAL RESULTS released 

4. European Digital Youth Summit - EDYS 2nd edition, organized on November 10th, in Bucharest, under the High Patronage of the European Parliament and the Patronage of the Slovak Presidency at the Council of EU. The event focused on no hate speech and youth participation, bringing together over 80 youngsters, educators, youth workers and policy makers from 5 countries.
Supported by: European Parliament Information Office in Romania, No hate speech movement, UNITED, PRISMA European Network and "Support Moldova" programme.
December, 5th 2016: UPDATE: FINAL VIDEO released 

* At GEYC we believe that all partners should focus on quality. Find out more about the European Quality in Youth Projects Standard.