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15 October 2018

RefugeE++: communication techniques for refugees projects

As the issue of refugees/migrants has become one of the main global and European challenges and efficient communication on such a hot topic is a difficult task, RefugeE++ is a 7-day youth workers mobility, involving 13 partner organizations and 30 youth workers, aiming to create for youth workers from participant organizations, a professional intercultural space to develop competences, share best practices and network, regarding how to efficiently communicate, make visible and disseminate results of E+ projects dealing with refugees/migrants issues, both online and offline. The project is a follow-up of RefugE+ project, a 6-day-mobility for youth workers under E+, KA1, which aimed to train youth workers in the project management field and raise their awareness on the refugee/migrants topic. 

22 September 2016

New project: Let's take initiative for refugees

Mr Simion Strugar, a GEYC Community member and teacher at "George Coșbuc” National College from Năsăud, Romania will participate together with other 2 youth workers to "Take initiative for refugees" training course in Izmit, Kocaeli, Turkey from 25th of October to 3rd of November 2016.

07 October 2015

"Antigypsysm – Mobile Books" training course in Struga, Macedonia

From October 4th to 12th, I will have the chance to represent GEYC in a training course taking place in Struga, Macedonia. For a week, 30 participants from 10 countries will address the sensitive issue of Roma discrimination. 

02 April 2014

Participă și tu! - Campanie europeană: Your Vote Can Divide! Your Vote Can Unite!

Ca partener național al UNITED, GEYC are plăcerea de a vă invita să luați parte la Campania Europeană ”Your Vote Can Divide! Your Vote Can Unite!” menită să asigure conștientizarea importanței votului pentru Parlamentul European.

31 March 2013

Campaign Final Report: “Black&White are not colours! Choose what colour you want to be!”

Between 16th and 24th of March, GEYC developed many activities both in online and offline, due to sustain the campaign initiated by UNITED.

03 May 2012

Call for papers: National Symposium in Romania on the topic of 21st century problems

GEYC invites you to submit your paper for a National Symposium in Romania on the topic of 21st century problems such as: drugs, human trafficking, juvenile delinquency and violence in schools.  The deadline is May 28th, 2012.

26 September 2011

Save the planet - it's not too late (video presentation)

From 16 to 26 July 2011, GEYC participated at "Save the planet - it's not too late" training course in Strasbourg, France, a formation in the field of Youth in action program. 

27 March 2011

European Campaign for Safe Road Design

GEYC supports the European Campaign for Safe Road Design. This campaign is created in order to raise awareness and understanding of the need to invest in road system improvement. The goal e is to reduce road crashes, the most common incidents nowadays, ever more numerous than rail and air crashes. The idea of the campaign consists of the need of safe drivers, safe roads and safe vehicles.