07 October 2015

"Antigypsysm – Mobile Books" training course in Struga, Macedonia

From October 4th to 12th, I will have the chance to represent GEYC in a training course taking place in Struga, Macedonia. For a week, 30 participants from 10 countries will address the sensitive issue of Roma discrimination. 

The Roma minority is the most discriminated against group in the European Union. Local NGOs are striving for their right to a non-discriminative education, work and healthcare. Moreover, the number of Erasmus+ projects related to Roma discrimination is constantly increasing. ​​ 

The Roma Youth Centre in Struga, Macedonia is organizing Antigypsism - Mobile Books , a week-long training course aiming to raise awareness of the discrimination that leads to the social exclusion of Roma young people. 

During this training, we will learn how to use the Living Library as a non-formal educational method, along with brainstorming, wall writing, association games, case studies and role playing. 

Moreover, we will have the chance to exchange and share realities about the marginalization of the Roma young people in each other's country and visit a local Macedonian Roma community.