31 March 2013

Campaign Final Report: “Black&White are not colours! Choose what colour you want to be!”

Between 16th and 24th of March, GEYC developed many activities both in online and offline, due to sustain the campaign initiated by UNITED.

Thus, we realized the following ones:
  • All along the campaign we posted on our Facebook page  multimedia materials (articles, pictures and videos) aimed to raise awareness among our visitors in the field of discrimination; 
  • Media coverage: 
  • We realised an awareness campaign in the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest (both in the university and also in universitie’s dorms) where we informed the students upon the International Week Against Racism and we spread the free materials on the topic; 
  • We created an online resource center, due to sustain the ”No hate speech movement” initiated by the Council of Europe, but through which we ment to share free online new media tools for youth in general and organisations in particular that can be used in their activities; 
  • To our campaign joined The National School of Gas from Medias that, under the coordination of Ms. Elena Teodora Ion, took part to a TV show on the theme of discrimination in society, and also shared with us some sugestive photos. 
  • We continued our awareness campaign in Newcastle, UK, where participants from 7 countries took pictures with our poster, the pictures being posted on our Facebook page; 
As for the materials that we used I can mention the free materials that we received from you and also a poster that we created, containing the word "discrimination” crossed with red, that sustain the elimination of discrimination phenomenon from society. 
As regarding the results, we can say that we received messages on our Facebook page that encouraged us to continue with this kind of activities, as they are welcomed and necessary. We also received a lot of likes and shares to our posts on the Facebook page, which means that people really appreciated our efforts. 

 We hope that what we realized during this week is an important step for combating and finally eliminating the discrimination in our society. 

 Project manager: Evelina Mezinu