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15 October 2018

RefugeE++: communication techniques for refugees projects

As the issue of refugees/migrants has become one of the main global and European challenges and efficient communication on such a hot topic is a difficult task, RefugeE++ is a 7-day youth workers mobility, involving 13 partner organizations and 30 youth workers, aiming to create for youth workers from participant organizations, a professional intercultural space to develop competences, share best practices and network, regarding how to efficiently communicate, make visible and disseminate results of E+ projects dealing with refugees/migrants issues, both online and offline. The project is a follow-up of RefugE+ project, a 6-day-mobility for youth workers under E+, KA1, which aimed to train youth workers in the project management field and raise their awareness on the refugee/migrants topic. 

08 December 2017

TC - "RefugE+" Agrigento, Sicily

Thanks to Erasmus+ Program we, three young people from Romania, (Silvia, Andrei and Dana) had the possibility to visit Agrigento in November, where the weather is so good, although for the locals it means winter. Erasmus+ together with the Sicilian Organization organized a training course about Project Management including the Refugees problems.