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14 February 2020

Black Sea Regional Cooperation Mission in Ankara, Turkey

Between the 27th of February and 2nd of March 2020, our colleague Gabriel BREZOIU - General Manager of GEYC will take part to Black Sea Regional Cooperation Mission, a CSO experts mobility within the Black Sea Region hosted by our Turkish partners, Anka Project Team in Ankara, Turkey.

12 February 2020

MAD you. You can Make a Difference!

We are very happy to announce that we have a new European Solidarity Corps project approved! MAD you. You can Make a Difference and will involve 50 volunteers from 5 partner organizations from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Morocco and Romania. Each voluntary activity will last for 2 weeks. The main idea of the project comes from the need to improve the living environment, and we are going to start from the cities where the activities will take place: Ankara/Beypazari (Turkey), Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Italy), Ferrol (Spain) and Guelmim/Laqsabi Targoust (Morocco). 

Implementing the project, we would expect to create a sense of responsibility for the target involved and to give our small contribution against global warming, water shortages, heat waves, tsunamis and floods. Also, we would like to give our contribution to develop a sense of belonging of citizens to their communities.

If you care about the environment and you are a multiculturality lover, for sure you would love to participate in the project activities. Stay tuned!

23 October 2019

Shared living, Co-working and Purposeful Travelling - an EVS experience

Ana-Maria spent some wonderful weeks in an EVS, working with Green Association, a Bulgarian NGO that promotes non-standard solutions for environmental protection.

24 September 2019

Training Course: [BG-304] Be Sustainable, don't WASTE your future! PART 2, 12.09.2019-20.09.2019, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

How can we develop a sustainable mindset? Why is the humanity at a climate change crossroads? What can we do at personal, organizational and community levels to make a positive change? Between 12 and 20 September 2019, 3 members of GEYC Community took part in “Be Sustainable, don't WASTE your future! PART 2” Erasmus+ Training Course, organized by the “Academy of Success” Association in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, and tried to answer this questions in a collaborative and cross-cultural creative way. 

23 August 2019

European Fellowship on Sustainable Development

European Fellowship on Sustainable Development (EFSD) is a complex programme based on SDGs for young people 18-30 years old from Romania, under the aegis of EllE project and will have the duration of 5 months (July 2019 - December 2019).

10 August 2019

Youth Exchange: [FR-235] Are we equal? Gender equality in action, 02.03.2019-10.03.2019, La Vancelle, France

The Project “Are we equal? Gender equality in action” held in La Vancelle, France during the International Women’s week was had the objective of stimulating and advancing gender equality for 30 young Europeans from 5 different countries, in an intercultural and safe environment and to create the basis for further initiatives and cooperation in the field of creative work and human rights.

25 July 2019

Youth Exchange: [HR-277] Youth Ecopreneurship Sprint, 23.06.2019-30.06.2019, Zagreb, Croatia

How many young people are needed to generate business ideas that can solve current environmental problems of our society? The Youth Ecopreneurship Sprint youth exchange, hosted by our partners Ekonomska klinika, is proof that it takes less than one week and a group of driven young people gathered in an international environment to work towards a sustainable future. Miruna, Iulian, Bianca, George, and Ioana are the members of the Romanian team that has taken part in this project between 23 June 2018 and 30 June 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia. What did they learn?

23 June 2019

KA2 EllE Empower - learn - led - Expand: YOUth4SDGs changing the rules transforming our world

Young people need to learn, acquire competence to build inclusive sustainable models of development. They need to shape the vision of the future to create it. Locally, young people are affected by the lack of opportunity by society & labour market, they lack knowledge and need to develop skills about sustainable methods of development. Our working experience with young people shows that they are not familiar with SDGs, partners experience affirms that this is true especially in small environment. "EllE Empower - learn - led - Expand: YOUth4SDGs changing the rules transforming our world" is an Erasmus Plus KA2 strategic partnership in the youth field organized by 5 youth organisations from Italy (coordinator), Greece, Portugal, Romania and Serbia.

20 November 2018

GEYCulet at the 22nd ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU22)

Despite my expectations, I have been accepted in one of the most interactive and complex programs that I’ve participated so far. The official name was ‘’The 22nd ASEF Summer University’’ offered by the Asia-Europe Foundation. Personally it felt like an interdisciplinary Innnovathon in which the organisers offered us a complex experience. But, let me tell you more about my experience.
Claudiu Șulea

27 July 2018

Call for participants - TC "The peace pilgrimage", 04.09.2018-12.09.2018, Lugo to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The training course will take the format of a 100km hike-pilgrimage using what is known as the first European Cultural itinerary, the Camino of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, while exploring the power of inner peace through meditation for youth workers.

12 July 2018

YE - ”Coop'Action", 20.06.2018-30.06.2018, Bédeille, France

On the 20th of June 2018, 5 ambitious young people from Romania and Republic of Moldova (Roxi, Laszlo, Iulia, Andra and Catalin) met for the first time in the airport, while waiting for their flight. Still sleepy, but filled with enthusiasm, they didn’t know what to expect from such a project since neither of them had ever been involved in one.

18 March 2018

How to create real impact in entrepreneurship through Erasmus+ projects

Have you ever wondered what is the common element between entrepreneurship and Erasmus+ projects?

In February 2018, our colleague Mădălina participated as a representative of GEYC association at the international seminar “Cross-over - Quality in KA2 projects” in Lithuania. The seminar aimed to improve the understanding of strategic partnerships projects among NGOs and to provide a space for further development of project ideas with potential partners and feedback from National Agencies’ representatives.

24 November 2017

EVS - "Youth4Sport2" Nicosia, Cipru

The European Voluntary Service, project Youth4Sport2, at Nautilos SAR in Nicosia, Cyprus represented a non-formal experience that allowed me to broaden my knowledge and share ideas about healthy lifestyle, sports and youth education. My mobility stage lasted 6 months, from May until October 2017. During this time I had the chance to be part of an adventurous journey in the easternmost part of Europe. 

09 November 2017

GEYC is partner in a new strategic partnership focused on project management skills

EuroIMPACT Plus KA2 project focuses on promoting high-quality youth work and aims to provide youth workers all the necessary knowledge for the non-profit sector. #EuroIMPACTplus aims to create innovative resources for youth work and equip youth workers with the necessary skills to manage a project in the most efficient way.