23 August 2019

European Fellowship on Sustainable Development

European Fellowship on Sustainable Development (EFSD) is a complex programme based on SDGs for young people 18-30 years old from Romania, under the aegis of EllE project and will have the duration of 5 months (July 2019 - December 2019).

The program "European fellowship on sustainable development" (EFSD) is an intensive program based on SDGs for young people aged 18-30 from Romania. will be taking place in the frame of the  EllE project and will last for 5 months (July 2019 - December 2019). 

The stages of the program

Kick off meeting

Sharing information on different aspects:
Erasmus + youth exchanges and GEYC activities,
Presentation of the EllE program,
Introduction of SDGs,
Development of teams and activities for the get involved stage;


Each participant will have the opportunity to participate in European mobility to help and inspire them in shaping GEYC's social and environmental responsibility policy.
To avoid abuse, participants will be randomly assigned to available projects, depending on their availability.

Get involved

In teams, participants will work on formulating a social and environmental responsibility policy that will be adopted later by GEYC. Each team will work on one of the policy chapters / principles.

Sharing is caring

Participants have the responsibility to share the knowledge acquired in the program through one of the following activities (of their choice):
an awareness campaign on the social networks GEYC and EllE,
developing a workshop / workshop in a school,
development of a workshop / workshop with young people
organizing a dissemination activity in a European mobility project of choice from the ones listed at geyc.ro/avizier.


Final evaluation of the program "European Fellowship on Sustainable Development" (EFSD) by participants with emphasis on the competences acquired. The granting of graduation certificates to all participants who took part in all stages of the project, the certificates are granted under the auspices of EllE