23 June 2019

KA2 EllE Empower - learn - led - Expand: YOUth4SDGs changing the rules transforming our world

Young people need to learn, acquire competence to build inclusive sustainable models of development. They need to shape the vision of the future to create it. Locally, young people are affected by the lack of opportunity by society & labour market, they lack knowledge and need to develop skills about sustainable methods of development. Our working experience with young people shows that they are not familiar with SDGs, partners experience affirms that this is true especially in small environment. "EllE Empower - learn - led - Expand: YOUth4SDGs changing the rules transforming our world" is an Erasmus Plus KA2 strategic partnership in the youth field organized by 5 youth organisations from Italy (coordinator), Greece, Portugal, Romania and Serbia.

Project duration: May 2019 - June 2021

EllE is resulting from the current global challenges & local young needs. Advances in terms of human development has been uneven and deep challenges remain: many young people experiencing discrimination, limited political inclusion, high levels of poverty, limited access to health systems, educational opportunities & decent jobs. Young people are at the frontline of the impacts of unsustainable models due to their marginalisation and higher vulnerability. They are disproportionately affected by economic crises & austerity measures. Youth unemployment rates in Europe are more than double than rates for all ages. The most disadvantaged experience precariousness, prolonged poverty and face additional obstacles: difficult living conditions & barriers to jobs, due to sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, ethnicity, socio-economic/ migratory status, disability. 

  • Enhance Youth Skills to Help Advance SDGs 
  • Motivate the youngsters to get active and empower them to turn their ideas into real social activities 
  • Build capacity through exchange of ideas, information, experiences and good practices 
  • Construct of EllE Network in a macro-region for young cooperation and joint actions 
  • Raise awareness, promote an active dialogue and strengthen cross-sectorial cooperation among youth & stakeholders allowing for greater synergies across all fields on SDGs 
  • Develop a new holistic (participative, collaborative, inclusive and accessible) youth empowerment model of implementing SDGs and strengthen young people's sense of initiative 
  • Increase and exploit European cooperation in promoting & implementing SDGs through empowered youth.

Activities that will be carried out to achieve results:

1. Analysis of the current situation/needs, existing initiatives, activities, examples of good practice for empowering young people & raising awareness about SDGs.

2. Developing the transnational network cooperation related to youth policy on SDGs.

3. Creating and promoting a model EllE that can be used in different disciplines, use peer.

4. Development of an electronic platform that will enable the transfer of knowledge in the field of Sustainable Development 

5. Development a campaign which invites all interested parties in sharing their vision of the world in 2030 to be inclusive of young people.

6. Improving cooperation between different relevant actors

7. The Participation Days serve as engagement platforms for Local Actors for exchanging information, experience, idea, views, opportunities and perceptions among local communities, discussing good-practices of participatory governance and SDGs implementations as well as for getting young people involved with decision-makers.

8. Development of the Project site; maintaining TM of the project team.

9. Development of a dissemination plan and use of project information; organization of the Final Conference.

Project Meetings:
  • Kick-off meeting : Italy, June 2019
  • Intermediate meeting: Portugal, May 2020
  • Final meeting: Greece, April 2021
June 2019 - project partners meeting in Italy
GEYC was represented by Ms Raluca DUMITRESCU - Project Responsible and
Mr Claudiu ȘULEA - VicePresident of the Board of Directors